The People of Warda

The world of Warda is home to many fascinating and diverse cultures, each one unique and special in their appearance, ability, and status within the social hierarchy of the realm.

illustration by Hannah Vale

From left to right, we see here a Seelie, a Sylvani, an Ifriti, a Naiadi, a Janni, a halfgene (Sylvani), a Fairy servant, a Gobbin, a human, a Brownie, and an upper insert of a Pixie. This diagram shows both varying physical characteristics, fashion styles, and occupations of various fey and humans in Warda.

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The Seelie

The Ifriti

The Sylvani

The Naiadi

The Janni

The Halfgenes

The Gobbins

The Brownies

The Fairies

The Pixies

The Humans

For comparison’s sake, we have included a rudimentary chart which illustrates the differing lifespans of the various peoples of Warda. Thus one can see that ‘maturity’ means different things to different fey and although three different individuals may all be the same age, they can be at very different stages in their lives.


Or perhaps, if it helps you to picture the lifespans of fey in a more direct correlation to human years, this might be more helpful:


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