The Education Guild

The Education Guild

Purpose: tasked with the general education of the Citizens of Ammingrad (excluding humans and pixies) and to employ private tutors, professional teachers, and other agents to make sure that the general educational needs of the city are met. Also to discipline those that exploit and abuse the education of others.

Before the reign of Dair Olgar, the previous Dair, Ammin set up a group of scholars to teach the basic learning of the fey. This was mostly done as Ammin himself was a scholar and had a deep love and respect for learning. Ammin, which his council of scholars created The Order of Lore and spent many years before and during the Godswar, delving the mysterious of this new world. It was a prestigious organization then and even though it has morphed through the ages into the Guild of Education, it still holds great prestige as the first and only organization created by Ammin himself.

Today, the Education Guild is headed by none other than Og Sentry the Peaceable. He sits at the head of a council of four other fey: Rasmuth Bilg, Quinn Lorrund, Swinzey Nigglebok, and Mardrin Pax. Together they and the hosts of other fey who work for the Guild make sure that the city of Ammingrad is educated and literate. The Guild is responsible for the primary and secondary education of all children and employs an army of teachers and scholars.

Primary education for young children is usually Education Guild sponsored except in rare cases when other guilds (like the Mechanica or Arcanica) will create their own primary schools. However, these schools and their curriculums must be approved by the Education Guild.  Parents can choose to send their children to a public school for free or a private school for a fee. Private tutors are the most expensive but the best. Guild Primary Schools are by invitation only.

Secondary education in Ammingrad is more free form as many young fey take apprenticeships (which are also Edu. Guild reviewed and approved). There are Secondary schools in the public and private sector and private tutors must be authorized for secondary education. It is usually at this age that the Guild Schools such as Penelope Crispin’s University of Magic or Woadhall Academy will take on their charges. These come from all walks of life and from varying educational backgrounds but competition is fierce to pass the entrance exams for each.

Along with Magical, Martial and Technical schools, there are several secondary General Education Schools that are run entirely by the Education Guild. These schools are commonly (and vulgarly) called “Gennies”. The term has become synonymous with both the schools and those who go to them. These schools do not specialize in their curriculum but they do give a broad education that allows most the opportunity to receive employment from many prestigious organizations and guilds. However, most look down on those who go to these institutions of learning. The Guild’s Council has made a special point to remove the stigma from General Schools but the mindset remains for most of this generation.

While Pixies and Humans are not required to receive schooling that does not mean they are not taught. The Pixie Messenger Union has had its Pixie Educational Training Program rigorously reviewed by the Education Guild and there are many Human run Schools at both the Primary and Secondary levels. These human schools are usually run by an enterprising and often philanthropic fey and a host of human teachers. They are not the best schools, but they do work so hard at it.

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