The Wardens

The Wardens: The Police Force of Ammingrad

The Wardens, are the most common form of military might that people are familiar with. The Wardens keep everyone safe within Ammingrad and make sure that The Balance is maintained at all costs. Most Wardens come out of either of the Martial Academies and those that join the Warden’s ranks can expect a career of service, duty, honor and, if they are lucky, a little glory.  Upon graduation from either Academy, prospective Wardens undergo a six month training and testing period. During this time these new recruits are tested and tried under incredible pressure. Those that survive the Training Phase (or commonly called the Culling) graduate as full Wardens. From their graduation into the Wardens, each new recruit is assigned to a District within one of the Wards of the City. Seven Districts make up a Ward and each District is Run by a District Chieft. The Wards are under the control of a Single Ward Chieft and the Ward Chiefts report to Jardane Fleet, Head of the Wardens. The hierarchy is hard to break and many spend their whole lives trying to work their way up the ranks. Wardens are proficient in non-lethal tactics of combat but have been known, on occasion to kill and be killed in the line of duty.

Fist and Foot Wardens

While most people can not differentiate between the classifications of Wardens, there are in truth three. The first and most common of these are called Fist and Foot Wardens. These are your run of the mill Wardens who do all the beat work and administration work for the Wardens. They are your local constabulary on the street and your friendly neighborhood Warden helping Granny Yelta across the street.

Hand and Eye Wardens

While most graduates from the Arcanica Academy will go on to working for the Arcanica Guild or elsewhere, a small percentage end up in the Hands and Eyes. These Magical Wardens take care of the local magical crimes that sometimes go under the nose of the Arcanica Guild or that the Arcanica Guild choose not to deal with. They are experts at magic that quickly, effectively and safely will subdue magical criminals and Magical crimes. They also specialize in Magic Dampening Fields. These men and women, called Soggers, by the common folk, are some of the most hated of Wardens as it is their job to stop the magic in a particular area from getting out of hand. These Wardens also do a lot of reconnaissance and “spying” for the Wardens.

Hand and Eye insignia (art by Hannah Vale)

Inquisitive Wardens

These Wardens are paired up and are often the first responders to a crime scene – their quick instincts and heightened, trained senses give them the best shot at uncovering What happened and What to do next to bring criminals to justice. They are responsible for solving crimes that are not readily apparent to the common Warden.


Questionary Wardens

The Questionaries are a branch of  Wardens that spend their time trying to solve the deeper crimes that happen under the nose of the Ammingrad elite. Always in threes, the Questionaries are the most feared of the Wardens as they are known to pull truth from anyone. While most Wardens are non-lethal, there is a rumor that Questionaries have a dispensation to kill.

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