The World of Warda


It always starts with Magic…

Five thousand years ago, the fey walked out of the woods and redesigned the face of the continent to suit even their tiniest whims. Today, fey and humans alike inhabit a world with domesticated magic that controls everything and powers everything from the lights in our homes to the lifeblood of industry. In this sparkling, dazzling realm of intrigue and invention, there is a social spectrum from the highest Seelie to the lowliest human, all nestled safe within the structured walls of the city of Ammingrad. Even the under-city of Amminheim is protected and contained within the safety of the realm, although it contains a somewhat shadier side of society. The width and breadth of the great kingdom stretches hundreds of miles in all directions – and the northern border is lined with a mountain range too steep, too jagged, and too dangerous to climb.

Beyond the wall? Don’t be silly. There’s nothing beyond the wall but empty land. We have everything we need, right here within the city. No one leaves because no one needs to leave – no one wants to. This is the greatest pinnacle of achievement the society could hope for – a true utopia, thanks to the Dair.

At the top of the Wardian great chain of being sits Dair Olgar, and his wife Aulbria, the Mab. It is they, the living gods of this realm, that watch over everyone and everything within the great city. Beside them are the other Seelie, and below them sit the high houses of the four elemental races: the Ifriti, the Sylvani, the Naiadi, and the Janni. Next come the high families of the Gobbins, then the Brownies. The Fairies follow next, then the tiny Pixies, and at last, at the bottom of it all, the humans.

The city has a thousand stories… what will yours be?


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