The Pixie Messenger Union (PMU)

The Pixie Messenger Union

The PMU is not considered a recognized Guild and if given the opportunity it is not believed the Pixies of Ammingrad would create such an organization. Rather, this group is organized and maintained by other fey who facilitate the use of pixies for other organizations such as government, guilds and private corporations.  The group, run by Wynstin Carmile, a Fairy bureaucrat, coordinates the distribution of Pixies, as well as their fair treatment and care. In truth, they are the custodians of the collective of Pixies that serve as the information superhighway of Ammingrad and Amminheim. Pixie Messengers receive and deliver information all over the city at record speed all over seen by the PMU.

Many of the main Guilds will hire the Union to supply messenger pixies to them and while a pixie may be an employee of the PMU they will also be a technical employee of the Guild they are being used by.

The PMU agents collect and train pixies to be able to remember, deliver and serve those that they are assigned to. It is an arduous task but one that takes almost no time as Pixies soak up all information and process it quickly.

Among actual Pixies, the PMU is a merit-based system. The better a Pixie is at their job, the more work the get and the more prestigious runs they are assigned. A Pixie can work for the PMU part-time to pay the extra bills or full time in order to make a career out of it. It is their choice ultimately.

Pixie summoning is quite simple. If you are fortunate to have your own pixie you need only write down their designation (either a number you have given them or sometimes, as is becoming increasingly popular, giving them a name) and the pixie will be compelled to seek out the individual they are serving. However, if you wish you can purchase a one-time message by finding a PMU pixie station. These red cylindrical “dorms” for pixies houses many ready to use pixies to send messages. For only a few lara you can send any message you wish and receive a reply. Any further messages would be negotiated via the PMU’s standard rates.

Beneath the exterior of the PMU is the Pixie Information Network. Everyone worth their salt has Pixie informants that work for them. They will send trained pixies to spy for them or to carry sensitive information from one place to another. This network is an unspoken law and everyone knows that everyone has a pixie stashed somewhere who is taking notes of the conversation. The PMU has stated many times that they do not collect such information and that the information gathered by pixies are for those that either own the pixie or have purchased the information by hiring pixies. And while some have called into question that possibly sensitive information is being held by such insignificant creature, the PMU has been known to state that such worries are unfounded.

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