The First Ward

The Ivoryglade

There is only one “Neighborhood” in the First Ward, the Ivoryglade. This massive compound holds the public areas that the Seelie can been see as as well as the Palatial Regali where the seat of government resides. Within the Palatial you will find a elegant gardens and several dancehalls and banquet rooms of opulent elegance. There are also receiving rooms for Seelie to meet with supplicants and perform other business. The biggest of these rooms is The World Room where sits the Ivorybriar Throne. This is the throne room of the Dair himself and few have ever had the honor of being seen formally by the Dair. There are more public areas of the Ivoryglade such as the Royal Museum of Ammingrad, The Royal Theatre of Ammingrad and The Viewing, which is a public park of Ivorywood trees,  brought to Warda from the Godhome by Dair Ammin himself. It is in this place that common fey can come and perhaps catch a glimpse of the Seelie that rule them. The main attraction of The Viewing is also the exquisitely detailed statue of the Mab, Albria. Many fey come to pay homage to the beauty of the statue and to the Mab herself, who has not made a public appearance in several centuries.


The Pale Towers

The Ivoryglade is also home more private quarters. This area is called The Pale Towers and is populated by twenty one separate Keeps of glittering white stone. These Keeps house the other Seelie of the Arch-Families with each Tower represents a single Seelie grouped by familial association:

  • The Royal Family, Royal House Alvar has five towers for Dair Olgar, Mab Albria, The Heir Og Mordrin, Og Sentry the Peaceable and Og Vivra the Fair.


  • Four Towers for Arch House Elrys: Head of House Lan Doxmer Elrys, his wife Lara Dannen Elrys, their daughter  Lara Pellania Elrys (aka Penelope Crispin) and their son, Lan Caprakan Elrys.


  • Four Towers for Arch House Valweir: Heads of House are the sisters, Lara Calra Valweir, Lara Belrya Valweir and Lara Mandol Valweir and their collective husband, Lan Undrael Valweir


  • Four Towers for Arch House Bralde: Head of House Lara Shula Bralde, Lan Gelif Bralde her husband, and their two sons Lan Tennerin Bralde and Lan Fervingham Bralde


  • Three Towers for Arch House Larka: Head of House Lan Sammar Larka, his wife Lara Oppama Larka and their teenage daughter, the youngest of all Seelie, Lara Trystina Larka.


At the Center of the Pale Towers rests a entire forest of Ivorywood Trees, where it is said Dair Olgar spends much of his time contemplating and performing. In the center of this forest is a final tower that remains as an empty monument to Dair Ammin, the current Dair’s father and the founder of Ammingrad. It is the highest and more opulent tower situated and can be seen from most places in the city. 


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