What is Glimpses?


Warda: Glimpses is an anthology of ‘short stories’ – one-shot adventures highlighting new and interesting tales of Ammingrad starring new players and new characters each week. The action of these Glimpses spans the ten years between Curiosities and Winds of Change.


Episode 1 – Year 4804 (concurrent with Curiosities)

During the riots in Amminheim of the “Shattered Night,” Sandir Chundhali searches for the missing Quillathe Sareine – and drums up a few allies to assist him with tracking her down: Felix Draem (Fairy sogger), Grettie Buschelcroft (Brownie spelunker) and Iggly Twitchwiggler III (legendary Gobbin information broker). What follows is an unexpected journey under hill and over sewage… with a lot of unexpected twists.


Episode 2 – Year 4807 (three years after Curiosities)

Alva Goldfinch finds herself stranded in Westhill in the outer Tenth Ward, in a farm town called Pembroke. At the train station she bumps into Derech Cirrendakar, a Janni Warden, here to investigate a possible smuggling ring. Incidentally joining them are two Ifriti bent on ghost-hunting at the nearby Appleton Orchard: the aging ex-orchestra conductor Jasper Scourche and his assistant, the young musical savant Damery Coal. But what is going on at Appleton Orchard? Is it ghosts, or something more sinister?


Episode 3 – Year 4810 (six years after Curiosities)

Coming 10.17.17!


Episode 4 – Year 4813 (nine years after Curiosities)

Coming 10.24.17!


Episode 5 – Year 4814 (the night before Winds of Change)

Coming soon – direct-to-podcast!