The Sanitation & Service Guild

Purpose: The upkeep of all public domains in the city, as well as any service based government positions. They also are tasked with the training of all service industry personnel and the removal of waste from the city.

The Sanitation & Service Guild was, at the beginning, not a guild at all but a loose confederation of fairy families who gathered together to keep the new city of Ammingrad in good repair and clean. These families eventually formed their own Service Union. Within this Union, several of the most prominent Fairy Families set up a board of directors. Of these families, one was the Family of Draem. As the years progressed several other Service conglomerates were assimilated by House Draem until they were able to amass enough power to take control of the Service Union and become the Sanitation and Service Guild.

Today, every servant, maid, butler or valet is vetted and regulated by the S&S for quality and control. These servants are then parcelled out to businesses, families and other organizations for the purpose of service and sanitation.

All other sanitation services, such as waste, cleaning, and purification are done by the S&S in large complexes and factories. Most mundane labor that would use both fairies and humans are regulated by the S&S. Service is their motto and efficiency is their obsession.

House Draem is currently headed by Lord Umber and his wife Lady Martha Draem. They two share a close business relationship and many say that the S&S would not function if both of them were not at its helm.

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