What is Winds of Change?

Winds of Change is the first story we ever played in the world of Warda. We used FATE core system rules (more or less) and the players were Mary-Kate Arnold, Bill Gordon, Kate Booth, and Nathan Thompson. We learned a lot during the process, and recorded for posterity, not thinking we’d ever need the audio for anything but refreshing memories, but as you probably know by now, we ultimately decided to weave it into the podcast. Curiosities was the second story we played in Warda, but it was the first story the public had access to. Now that Curiosities (and Glimpses) is over on the podcast, Winds of Change is the next chronological series of events, so we’re pleased to offer it as the next story arc for your listening pleasure.


Official art by Laskull Lamourt!

Griff Hood, human weather thief
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