The Weather Guild

The Weather Guild

Purpose: To harness, schedule, ship, and distribute all aspects of meteorological phenomena throughout the realm.

Five fey sit on the Weather Council:

  • Peer Renil Kuntal (Ifriti)
  • Peer Vauren Winsel (Naiadi)
  • Peer Gurson Rutabor (Sylvani)
  • Peer Stigli Cham (Janni)
  • Lan Fervingham Bralde (Seelie). Fervingham never shows up – but when he does, it’s for a single order that is unreasonable and seemingly unrelated to anything else on the meeting docket.

Beneath the Council’s watchful eye is the Circle of Weather Masters. This group of 10 make up the artisans that design the weather for the city and head up each project of weather that is created. Beneath them are scores of workers that manufacture, distribute and regulate the weather they design. They are lead by Trubadour VanClaude, a brilliant weather artist and Fairy who obtained the rank of Head Weathermaster early in his genius career. A prodigy of Weather Magics, Trubadour has been heralded as the voice of a generation of weather. Weathermasters are like artists – in the yearly almanac, their pre-determined schedule for work is published and the public can see when their ‘favorite’ weathermasters are on schedule.

  • Head Weather Master: Trubadour VanClaude
  • Weather Master Ballmore Fidge
  • Weather Master Aqueline Orphal
  • Weather Master Quigley Turnwell
  • Weather Master Igna Averton
  • Weather Master Sarsha Vane
  • Weather Master Chandi Laddis
  • Weather Master Cloop Zursh
  • Weather Master Allya Tierworth
  • Weather Master Tropicar Waverlee

Seasons exist for organization’s sake, i.e. winter is more likely to have snow than summer, but all seasons are mostly mild and temperate and comfortable. Distribution within the Inner Dairswyn is through four large airborne engines in the form of Airships which blanket the city in the Weather Guild’s control (except for rotating “blank spots” on the outer wards which are constantly in contact with the Weather Guild to have schedules and predictions of what boxed weather will be needed to keep the crops and livestock well and plentiful). Distribution to the Outer Dairswyn is done by experienced Agents who travel with pre-boxed weather manifestations in exchange for monthly bills.

There is a central guild building in the middle of Ammingrad which houses the Guild’s Council and the distribution department as well as the agent training and administration. Throughout the city, there are many weather shops and stations where common people can go and purchase small bits of weather or hire the aid of a Weather Agent.

The Weather Guild utilizes many of the floating islands that are around the cities airspace. These are usually staging platforms for localized weather or fueling stations for the four airborne weather engines.

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