The Martial Guild

The Martial Guild

Purpose: To protect and serve. Responsible for the watchmen that patrol the city by day and night, divided up between the wards, as well as the high-ranking, special operatives who guard the wall of Ammingrad.

The Martial Guild Leading Council:
Lord Jardane Fleet of House Fleet is the defacto leader of all the Wardens in the city.

Pinnacle Millicent Gainoor of House Gainoor is Pinnacle of the Guardians and acts as their commanding officer and liaison with the Guild.

Percilla Snodgrass runs the Dueling Club Commission that regulates and facilitates all activities pertaining to Dueling clubs in the city.

These three are supervised by Lan Doxmer Elrys, who, unlike other Seelie, is very active in his duties as true leader of the Martial Guild.

The Guardians: the keepers of the Wall of Ammingrad. They are highly trained, carefully armored individuals who are perfectly loyal – they are the second line of defense should anyone come knocking (the wall is the first line). But there is really nothing to worry about, as there’s nothing outside the wall in the first place. That being said, Guardians are soulbranded with unbreakable spells that prevent them from divulging their work and experiences to unapproved parties.

The Wardens: The local police force of Ammingrad and Amminheim. They protect and defend the people and uphold the Dair’s Law in the city. Click here for more about the Wardens.

Private Guard: The wealthy and elite of Inner Dairswyn have privately hired guards just like servants. These usually do not fall under this guild directly but to have a House Militia or to be a Freelance Security Firm you need to have the correct permits, only available through this guild.

Justice in Inner Dairswyn: If there is a crime committed and the Police Guild apprehends the perpetrator, the criminal is often turned over to the jurisdiction of the Guild of which he or she has wronged. For example the creation and use of a sentient Element (called a Sentiment) is strictly forbidden by the Arcanica Guild. If persons are apprehended under this offense then the Martial Guild would turn the offender over to the Arcanica Guild for trial and sentencing. There is no Law Guild but rather a general solicitor must be versed in each guild’s unique laws. Each guild, in turn, has its own set of solicitors. A case is often pleaded before either a guild judge or a third party judge, depending on the severity of the crime. If convicted then the offender is sentenced to time in one of the three jails. The jail selected is based on the severity of the crime and the nature of the sentence. All general crimes not under Guild Law are prosecuted by the Police Guild.

There are three prisons (one in Ammingrad, two in Amminheim):

  • Coldwall Correctional Facility – Level 1 Offenders and Level 2 Offenders under 6-month sentence
  • Thamas J. Proodrock Memorial Prison – Level 2 Offenders and Level 3 Offenders under 6-month Sentence
  • Forgetmenot Square Detention Facility – Level 3 Offenders, some of the Punished, all other undesirables.
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