The Transportation Guild

The Transportation Guild

Purpose: To serve the citizens and businesses of the city by transporting people, goods, services, etc from one place to another. Transportation is mostly trolleys and canal boats for the waterways, all carriage cabby services, etc. Teleportation also falls under the purview of this Guild

Wheels are a distinctly human feature – the fey disdain using them and prefer seamless, floating devices powered by magic.

Bicycles have recently been invented and patented by the Mechanica Guild.

This is a primarily human-employed guild, like Mechanica.

The Guild is currently run by Agusta Tavvin, a Janni business woman of some renown for her sound mind for business. She and several others make up the board of directors for the Guild, of which there is none more surprising than Mr. Yenry Grennville. Mr Grennville is perhaps the most influential and powerful human in the city. He enjoys being the personal assistant for Tavvin and has an unofficial seat on the board. Tavvin is a staunch supporter of Human Right and Equality and her appointment of Grennville, who has recently achieved the title of Mister, is in stride with her.

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