The Commerce Guild

The Commerce Guild

Purpose: The regulation and distribution of goods, services, and currency to the general populace as well as the protection of said goods, services and currency.

This Guild is steeped in bureaucracy and legislature. It is practically built of red tape. There are numerous under factions, separate third party corporations and distribution firms but all Goods, Services, and Currency is funneled through the Guild. The Guild also is in charge of all warehouses, banks, and trade. This includes trade agreements between corporations and Outer Dairswyn. Not a penny in all of the realm has not been through its hands.

Leadership – This Guild is run by a council of 4 leading persons and one Seelie overseer.

  • Wellington Brillum – Brownie; Head of Mercantile Goods Distribution and Regulation / Head of Production of Mercantile Goods (Amminheim Leason)
  • Quinlyn Rushfield – Gobbin; Head of Banking and Finance
  • Abalphra Wald – Naiadi; Head of Collective Services
  • Tyrund Burch – Human; Head of Fiscal Law and Trade Contracts
  • Lara Mandol Valweir – Seelie; Overseer and De Facto Swing Vote

This guild also heads all the Banking in Ammingrad and Amminheim. They are responsible for the printing, distribution, and protection of currency.

Money System:

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