The Guardians


The Guardians (AKA the Guard) are the first line of defense for Ammingrad. They patrol the massive stone border that surrounds the city and make it their special point to make sure nothing gets in… or out… of Ammingrad. Guardians are selected from the best and brightest of Ammingrad’s two Martial Academies (Ivythorne and Turnwright) and their ranks are usually by invitation only. On a whole, the Guardians do not do enlistment but there is a precedent, albeit rare, for fey to be accepted as enlisted Guardians. These are usually retired Wardens or the odd martial prodigy that arises from a dueling club. These hopefuls are put through rigorous tests and it is part of Guard Law to allow any and all who wish to attempt to join to be put to the test.

However, normal recruitment comes every 5 years as each Martial Academy as well as many other Guardian stations will hold a special “Games” in which Guardian hopefuls will compete to prove their worthy of becoming one. By the end of the Games usually a fresh crop is chosen. During off years Guardian recruiters will sit in on classes and offer invitations to students to join the ranks. It is also during these off years that enlistment hopefuls will arrive at Guardian stations along the Border to try their luck.

Guardians specialize in brute defense and unyielding commitment to keeping the city safe at all costs.  The finest made weapons and armor are given to the Guardians and they are trained throughout their service in their use and maintenance.

Disgrace and Expulsion from the Guard is considered a grievous offense and defaced Guardians often are never seen or heard from again. In truth, there is no retirement from the Guardians, as it is a lifelong appointment. All Guardians are soulbranded at their initiation ceremony to never disclose certain experiences they have on the border or perhaps beyond, except with other Guardians.

Even when the time comes to retire, more Guardians will opt to remain on as trainers, teachers or recruiters. A very few have had special dispensation to be released from duty, (One such case being Aldeer Brichoff, A Sylvani who was a Guardian but was asked to retire to become a treespeaker when his only other sibling was killed in order to further the legacy) 

The Guardians are led by their Pinnacle. This fey holds absolute authority over the running of the Guardians and is one part General, one part Warrior, one part master tactician and three parts Badass. The current Pinnacle Guardian is Millicent Gainoor of House Gainoor who also sits on the Council of the Martial Guild.


Within the Guard there are several Orders that each Guardian can subscribe to:  

The Order of Arches 

The first Order of the Guardians and the Foundation of the group, all entry level Guardians begin in this division. Their main responsibility is that they defend the outer and inner gates of the city and keep all from exiting or entering. Those that have special permission to enter and exit the city are first searched and questioned by the Arch Guardians. Each gate often is guarded by no less than 100 Arches but more essential defensive gates are obviously guarded by more. This Order, while apparently elementary, can be a lifelong calling. Some Arches spend their entire lives serving within it’s ranks and this is seen as an honor.


The Knights of Ramparts 

This Order deals with defense of the Walls of Ammingrad and the keeps and fortresses positioned around them. Rampart Guardians also keep watch along the wall for outside threats and internal conflict. Their order is hundreds of thousands strong and if called upon then can have a fey posted on every inch of the walls of Ammingrad. They are trained to “hold their square” (maining the square foot they are assigned) at all costs. They also are tasked with the building, repair and upkeep of their fortresses (which house not only them but all of Guardians as well) Rampart Guardians also are trained in siege warfare and anti-siege tactics.


The Order of the Rose 

Pinnacle Millicent Gainoor’s personal detail of Knights and bodyguards come from only the best within the Guardians. These Guardians have proven their loyalty and their prowess in defense, impressing the Pinnacle of the Guard by their deeds of honor and duty. They are usually given administrative and executive power over the different branches of the Guard.


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