The Water Guild

Purpose: To regulate, purify, protect and distribute all water in the City of Ammingrad

The Water Guild oversees all water rights in the City, from the water in the canals to the water coming from your pipes. Every drop of water is counted, tested and maintained by this Guild. You can often see their Agents working near canals or checking up on water right contracts for residential and commercial areas in the Wards. They are pervasive and many fey and humans work for this Guild in a myriad of capacities.

The Guild itself is run by the Sylvani of House Gainoor. House Gainoor, headed by Lady Shrowsberry Gainoor, overseas all interactions and contracts with any individual or organization that wishes or needs water. This makes the Water Guild and by extension,  House Gainoor, one of the more powerful organizations in the city …or it would if House Gainoor knew how to capitalize on their good fortune. Due to their mediocrity with dealing with water Gainoor spends twice the resources in keeping up the waters of Ammingrad. This has caused the guild no end of trouble but it also pushes them.

A bit of Historical Context:

 if you were curious why Sylvani work in water. At the beginning of the Guilds House Sareine and House Gainoor both worked in their respective fields, but the job proved easy and did not challenge them and both houses became lazy. The Dair, seeing this, switched their roles stating that whoever proved most adept in the running of their new role and ultimately impressed him, would be given both roles. The Two houses have been competing ever since.

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