“Money makes life manageable, my dear. Or unmanageable, as the case may be. Without money, there’d be no managing whatsoever. It would be tiresome and not even remotely useful.” — Iggly Twitchwiggler III


In the early days of Ammingrad much of the everyday commerce was done with barter and trading. This was true even though the Governor System era but as Ammingrad began to switch to the Guild System, Dair Olgar instituted the use of actual currency for the general use of the city. He placed the Commerce Guild in charge of its production and distribution and to this day, the city continues to run on the current currency model.

Coin Copper Lara Iron Og Silver Mab Gold Dair White Steel Ammin
Value 1 10 50 100 1000

Copper Laras – Named after the title of respect for a female Seelie fey, the copper lara is the base for the entire system and counts as 1. The Lara is a small copper coin with a hole in it’s center. It is inscribed with the profiles of four female high fey.  The Ifriti, the Naiadi, on one side and the Janni and the Sylvani on the other. Much can be bought in Ammingrad and Amminheim with a copper lara. Many small goods such as simple groceries, or a cup of cheap wine or a mug of ale can be purchased with it.


Iron Ogs – Named after the title of respect for the children of the Dair, the iron Og counts as ten Copper Laras. The Og is a flat iron disc an inch across that has been etched with the words “Through Unity, Strength. Through Strength, Security. Through Security, Peace.”


Silver Mab – named after Mab Albria, this silver coin is about the size of a playing card and have the visage of the Mab on one side, and a stylized moon on the other. They represent 50 Lara.


Gold Dair – Named after Dair Olgar himself, Gold Dairs are a major currency in the city and represent 100 laras. They are square coin the side of a playing card with the dair’s profile on one side and a stylized sun on the other.


White Steel Ammin – White steel is incredibly hard to come by and very hard to work with. As such this rare coin is worth the most and is named for the previous Dair, Dair Olgar’s father, Ammin, for whom the city is also named. The coin represents 1000 laras and is a palm sized square coin etched with a forested door on onside and a depiction of the Ivoryglade on the other. Only the richest and most powerful of families have Ammin in their vaults and a single Ammin could keep a poor family of four in comfort for several months.


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