A Wardian Dictionary

Being an incomplete and ever-growing list of popular curses, oaths, proverbs, idioms, and vocabulary in the city of Ammingrad. Etymology and origins to be determined.


Kag (kagging, kagger)

Fen (fenning, fenner)

Scrap (scrapping, scrapper)

Junk (junking, junker)







Gleamer – a Seelie

Sparker – an Ifriti

Whistler – a Janni

Splasher – a Naiadi

Twigger or Leafback – a Sylvani

Flitter – a Pixie message or messenger

Tinker – a Fairy

Roller – a Brownie

Scraper – a Gobbin

Wanter – a human

flick – a Pixie term for another particularly good/noble Pixie



In the rouse – in the process of getting drunk; at a party or at a rowdy place

To let the window open – Janni idiom describing death (i.e. equivalent of human phrase ‘to kick the bucket’)







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