The Library

Welcome to the Library. Here you can find stories of all kinds, featuring a wide variety of different fey and humans who live (or have lived) in Ammingrad. These stories are either written by Warda creators Aly and Drew, or they are written by fans and Patreon supporters of Warda, and presented here with Aly and Drew’s approval as canonical text. To reiterate: any fiction found here is considered canon. Any fiction not featured on this page or not approved by Aly and Drew is not official Warda canon at this time.

The Library is organized by author.

Aly Grauer:

Scene – A Murder of Pixies

Story – “Cap’n Swizzle’s First Sails”

Story – “The Wedding Day”


Drew Mierzejewski:

Story – “A Season for Growing”

Story – “The Messenger” – Part One

Story – “The Messenger” – Part Two

Story – “The Messenger” – Part Three


Alexis Cohen-Pena:

Story – “A Hat For A Storm”

Synopsis – Popular Operetta “The Janni of Askance”

Story – “The Nobody Crown”


Kyle J. Thomas:

Story – “Fading Echoes”


Nathan Thompson:

Coming soon!

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