Department of Magical Suppression and Security

The Agents of the Department of Magical Suppression and Security, commonly known as Soggers, are the elite of the Martial Guild. Neither Wardens, nor Guardians, Soggers are tasked with the complicated and dangerous job of Magical Suppression or “Dampening.” They are schooled in the art of suppressing magical abilities for a short time in order for local law enforcement (Usually Wardens but perhaps Personal Security) to quell whatever infraction is happening that endangers the public.


Soggers deal with rigorous training and are kept to near impossibly high standards set for them by the head of their department, and of the Martial Guild itself, Lan Doxmer Elrys of the Seelie Arch House Elrys.  They are often groomed from their elementary education days and scouted during their secondary education to fill the much needed and dangerous role of Magical Suppression and Security.


Soggers specialize in the dampening of Magic but the use of refined magic to nullify refined magic is dangerous to those that are being dampened and those that do the dampening. Before the advent of the dampening field emitter mechanica, the mortality rate for Soggers was 85% and for those that were dampened, it was 95%. This was due to when a fey is severed from their magic they begin to wither and die. The process is long, slow and incredibly painful and irreversible.  As such, modern Soggers use a much safer mechanical solution and as such there are some Soggers who have a 0% casualty rating on their records. (For more information on Nullification Magic please see the Magic Types page.)


Sogger teams usually go in sets of three. A leader, a placer and a instigator. While any Sogger could fill these three roles, the teams are usually regulated to one task unless the situation calls for changes. Soggers are taught to be stealthy. Their main job is infiltration of a situation in order to set up the Dampening field. As such, most people don’t even know they are being infiltrated by Soggers until it is too late. Once the mechanica has been set, the device is locked down and then set on a timer. Once that timer has run down, the device self destructs.


Soggers are also trained in how to withstand the effects of dampening. When a fey’s magic is dampened, physical side effects are immediately apparent. This manifests as headaches, nausea, weakness, and disorientation. In extreme cases paralysis or even a comatose state can be manifested. Soggers are trained to power through these side effects in order to complete the mission and then get out. If Soggers are caught, or met with resistance their last line of defence is a martial art known as Nullkido. This technique was developed by Lan Doxmer Elrys himself and is taught to all Soggers. The art specializes in pressure points that deadens the limbs that makes the creation of sacred geometry impossible. This means that while the fey still has magic they are unable to create the necessary motions to utilize it.


Ultimately, the job of a Sogger is dangerous and thankless. Of all departments of the Martial Guild, Soggers are the most hated. Although they do facilitate a much needed level of security for the city when it comes to magic becoming rampant and unchecked. And so, we salute you brave Agents of the Department of Magical Suppression and Security, may the Dair bless your actions.

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