Warda: Curiosities

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In a distant age, magical beings known as the fey stepped through a gateway from their dying world to ours to benevolently conquer the globe.

Now, some 4000 years hence, the City of Ammingrad stands as a shining beacon of the melding of magic and machine, of the unity of Fey and a society built upon the backs of those who were here first, the Humans. But no Utopia is ever as it first appears and Ammingrad, for all it’s wonders, is a city of dangers, where a thousand stories live and breathe.

Join us in discovering the many tales of Warda!

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Music by Arne Parrott – http://www.atptunes.com

Animation by Stephanie Mided – http://www.stephmided.com/

Logo and Banner Art by Paulomi Pratap – http://paulomipratap.com/

Warda concept by Aly Grauer and Drew Mierzejewski


The Story…

Episode 10 and onward: The current story arc! Story title to be determined…


Previously on Warda: Curiosities…

“The Case of the Calcified Chanteuse” (Episodes 1 through 9). A tale of murder, mystery, and mischief abounds! Join Embrilar Ardeo (halfgene Ifriti, a Warden for the Hand & Eye division), his friend Owin Bolard (halfgene Naiadi, purveyor of fine goods in her curiosity shop) and Tippin (their free-range, highly independent Pixie companion) as they race against time and unseen forces to solve an utterly unexpected murder with many possible suspects. Special guests in this arc include Sandir Chundhali (Ep. 8) and Grettie Buschelcroft (Ep. 7).