Warda: Curiosities

Warda: Curiosities is a perplexing blend of mystery, adventure, and heartrending suspense. Our main players are Embrilar Ardeo, halfgene Ifriti Warden for the Hand & Eye; Owin Bolard, halfgene Naiadi curiosity shop owner; Tippin, their free-range highly independent Pixie companion; and Alva Goldfinch, a Fairy milliner and collector of secrets. Each of them is a curiosity in their own way, and each of them is curious to uncover the hidden treasures and peculiar puzzles of Ammingrad.

The year is 4804, and this is Warda: Curiosities!

“The Case of the Calcified Chanteuse” (Episodes 1 through 9)

A tale of murder, mystery, and mischief abounds! Join Embrilar Ardeo (halfgene Ifriti, a Warden for the Hand & Eye division), his friend Owin Bolard (halfgene Naiadi, purveyor of fine goods in her curiosity shop) and Tippin (their free-range, highly independent Pixie companion) as they race against time and unseen forces to solve an utterly unexpected murder with many possible suspects. Special guests in this arc include Grettie Buschelcroft and Sandir Chundhali.

Click here for Episode 1!


“The Secrets of Spiderwillow” (Episodes 10 through 18)

A startling story of intense intrigue and long-dormant questions come to life once again! Embrilar Ardeo has been placed on a three-span paid leave following the Case of the Calcified Chanteuse, but finds himself soon pulled into a new case with Tippin, off the record: the mysterious Mr. M has employed him to find someone called Liply Strudge in the under-city of Amminheim and find out what they know about the black markets. Additionally, he encounters a Fairy hatmaker named Alva Goldfinch who knows a great deal about a great many people, and has a mission of particular vengeance to complete… Guest stars in this arc include (in order of episode appearance): Iggly Twitchwiggler III, Griff Hood, Sandir Chundhali, Grettie Buschelcroft, Quillathe Sareine, Felix Draem, Owin Bolard.

Click here for Episode 10 (the beginning of this arc)!

Join us in discovering the many tales of Warda!

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EXPLORE: http://www.welcometowarda.com/

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Music by Arne Parrott

Animation by Stephanie Mided

Logo and Banner Art by Paulomi Pratap

Art by Hannah Vale & Laskull

Warda concept by Aly Grauer and Drew Mierzejewski



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