The Arcanica Guild

The Arcanica Guild

Purpose: to study and encourage study, growth, and understanding of all kinds of magic, its history and its development. The guild is also tasked with the regulation and protection of people’s involvement with magic in everyday life, and the punishment of those who abuse its power. Also included in regulation are the finalization of magical patents and invented magics – testing approving new things to be released to the public for use.

The Arcanica Guild is governed by a council of six Directors, with their Seelie Overseer is Lara Pellania Elrys aka Penelope Crispin

The Current Roster is as follows:


Overseer Penelope “Pellania” Crispin (House Elrys) (Seelie)

General Overseer of the Arcanica Guild

Also, Head of the Penelope Crispin University of Magic


Director Urpin Fommel (Fairy)

Head of Arcanica Judicial Law Department

Also Headmaster at Woadhall Academy of Arcane Arts


Director Gaathry Sullin (Ifriti)

Head of the Arcanica Law Enforcement Department

Also runs a Dueling Club specializing in Fire Magic called, “The Genteel Art of Ignition”


Director Camerin Dusley (Brownie)

Head of the Arcanica Marketing Department

Head of the Arcanica Public Relations Department

Also sits as a Trimaster at the Hollyhollow College of Magic


Director Sura Mithleen (Sylvani)

Head of Magical R&D Department

Head of The Arcanica Implementation Department


Director Fald Rune (Gobbin)

Head of the Arcanica Patent Office

Head of the Arcanica Distribution Department

Also CEO of Rune Magical Sundries LTD


Director Deysh Dilatri (Janni)

Head of the Arcanica Business and Finance Department

Also is Headmistress of Overfade School of Higher Arcane Learning

The Arcanica Guild is one of the more prominent and powerful of Guilds in the Dairswyn. There is not a day that goes by that magic is not implemented in the average citizen’s daily life. Your food is cooked by magic, your transportation is facilitated by magic, your waste is taken away by magic. Everyday fey and humans buy and sell magic, they deal with arcane energy and use said energy to go about their lives. This ebb and flow of magic would not be possible if not for the Arcanica Guild.

The Arcanica Guild also has a prominent presence in the Dairswyn. No matter where you are you can reach a Guild Office and there is practically a Guild sponsored Magical Sundries shop on every corner. They also employ many of the Dairswyn’s citizens and it is often in this Guild that you will find the rank and file Fey working to make their ends met.

While much of current magical theory has been mapped, there are still new discoveries happening. Monthly submissions for magical patents go through the Guild Offices, and interviews/pitch meetings must take place before testing. If the concept is approved it is moved on to rigorous testing, sometimes taking years for review. After testing, the Guild debates whether it’s plausible/viable to distribute. If so, there is a fee paid the inventor and the Guild takes over production. If the application is denied at this stage the materials/information are confiscated, archived and the applicant is issued a “Red Tag” order indicating a rejected submission. However, if it is decided that the proposal presented constitutes a danger to the general public, the Guild may find grounds to confiscate the inventor and their research for further questions and study. Often this process, called being “White Tagged” ends with the knowledge placed in deep archive (or destroyed) and the inventor/researcher placed either under arrest or under the Arcanica Guild’s watchful eye as a “Special Employee”

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