Warda is a multimedia fantasy project created by author Alyson Grauer and game connoisseur Drew Mierzejewski. It is both a fully formed fictional world and an operational setting for roleplaying games to take place in. Together, these two writers and performers are exploring the world of Warda in fiction, audio, RPG, and live stream actual play, the latter of which is found on the Twitch channel of the One Shot Podcast Network. Previous episodes of the live stream can be found on the One Shot YouTube channel or our blog here on the website, and there is a podcast available as well on iTunes and all other available podcasting apps.


Aly is known for her novel On The Isle of Sound and Wonder (2014) which was nominated the Runner-Up for Best Novel by a Chicagoan in the Chicago Reader (2016) and her assorted short stories with both Xchyler Publishing and the podcast anthology Tales from the Archives for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. She has narrated several audiobooks and podcast short stories. In addition to Warda, she is co-host of the podcast Get Hype.


Drew is a longtime GM, worldbuilder, and game enthusiast as well as a stage combatant and performer. He holds an MFA in Acting from Northern Illinois University and his short form game “Happily Ever Maybe” was a finalist in the 200 Word RPG Contest in 2017. He is a founding member of the combat troupe To The Point. In addition to performing, he runs several homebrew D&D campaigns and enjoys trying out new roleplaying systems as much as possible.

Aly and Drew are also married and currently live in Orlando with their cat, Queen Felicia. As they continue to produce the podcast and various fictions set in Warda, they are building mechanics for an entirely original tabletop roleplaying game for Warda as well.

You can follow Aly on Twitter at @dreamstobecome and Drew at @worldstoforge.

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