The Second Ward

Bordering the Ivoryglade on the east and southeast is the Second Ward or as it is more commonly known as, the Guild Ward. While the second ward is home to some of the cities most influential and important residential communities and the fanciest of commercial business, the main draw is that of the Guild Houses.

Every Guild in the city of Dairswyn has their own headquarters around the city but by law, each guild has an administration building in the 2nd ward that houses some form of presence. These guild offices all culminate in the Guildhall where the heads of each Guild meet once a year in True Winter to give a report in front of the Dair himself and bring up new legislation or hash out new current problems between the leading organizations of the city. This gathering, known as the Guild Convocation is a major moment for the city at large and falls is the entire span leading up to Moonlight Eve and Firstdaytyne.

Due to the sensitive nature of the second Ward, the Guardians have a special detachment whose sole responsibility to defend the wall that runs around the entire Ward. On top of this, Wardens of the Second Ward are considered to be some of the best and many work years to achieve such a prestigious post. And while you do not need permission to enter the Ward, the Guardians and Wardens take special care to make sure that undesirable elements are kept at bay and that the patrons and residents of the Ward feel safe.


The Guildhall District

 This massive structure of marbled granite sits at the center of the Guild Complex, surrounded by the representation of each guild in their own guild house administration office. The Complex for the Guildhall has become so large that in the last several centuries it has supplanted many of the smaller neighborhoods to become an entire district, serviced and maintained by the neighborhoods that surround it. The Guildhall is also said to be one of the most beautiful complexes in the city and houses many gardens, parks, and monuments to famous persons or important moments in the city’s history. The interior of the Guildhall houses some 300 rooms many for administration, entertaining, and a few that hold exhibits on important works of art and items of historical importance. The Guildhall also includes at its center, the Rotunda, where those that meet for the Guild Convocation will sit in council with the Dair to discuss matters of state.


The Poshway 

Originally, the Poshway was a single avenue running near the Guildhall that catered to the very wealthy and important in the Dairswyn, but as the centuries progressed the Poshway became almost an entire district of the second ward full of businesses, highrises of lush apartments, important estates, and townhomes for the wealthy High Houses. If there is anywhere in Ammingrad where the important rub elbows it is here.

The Poshway is also the recipient of the latest and greatest in mechanical and arcanical advancements and you need only frequent the dancing halls or mechanica shops to see what latest creation has been created to better the lives of fey. The nightlife of The Poshway is said to be, by far, the most entertaining place to be in the city. Every manner of entertainment, (both legal and not so) are on hand for anyone looking for a diversion. Casinos, Theatres, banquets, respectable poetry readings and elegant burlesques sit side by side with restaurants and townhouses.


While the Second Ward is a large place, the Poshway and Guildhall are the two official district. This does not mean they are the only major neighborhoods as thousands live and work in the Second Ward, they are merely the two most important and therefore all other neighborhoods and areas are counted as part of them

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