Seelie are the pinnacle, the ultimate peak of creation. It is the Seelie who led the way from the World That Was into the world of Warda, and it is the Seelie who reshaped the face of Warda to suit their needs and wishes. They are the ultimate magical beings, and there are some who even go so far as to theorize that they are actually deities, surpassing the other fey in every way. They are strong, powerful, and they live for thousands of years. The first Dair, Ammin (for whom the city of Ammingrad and the under-city of Amminheim are named) was several thousand years old when he led the fey into Warda, and now his son, Olghar, is the Dair of all that is.

Seelie are not commonly seen in Warda as there are only about twenty of them alive currently. Many of them hold positions of power in various guilds, businesses, and organizations throughout Ammingrad. Although they continue to have a hand in what goes on in the city, many do not make public appearances regularly, least of all the Dair, the Mab, and their children. Should one have the honor of seeing one of the royal family or indeed any other Seelie, one would likely be first and foremost averting one’s eyes in a display of obsequiousness. After such point as it is polite to look up again, one would see that Seelie stand between five and six and a half feet tall on average, much like any other fey. Their skin is usually a silvery white, as is their hair, although there may be faint hints of other colors in their features. They are fine-boned and possess truly the greatest beauty to be seen anywhere in the world, with slender, sculpted faces and long, delicate hands. Their eyes, however, tend to be a rich and vibrant gold, unsettling and unyielding.

Their lifespans, as mentioned, are incredibly long even for fey. They do not reproduce as frequently as other fey do, some going hundreds and hundreds of years before bearing children, if at all. There is speculation that they can control their reproductive cycles – that is, control when and if a child is created from any union they may engage in. That being said, it is likely that Seelie engage in any and all manner of activity they so please with little care for repercussions to their actions.

As one may assume from this overview, Seelie are much set apart from the rest of the fey of Warda – they spend most of their time interacting with one another and living in luxury within the walls of the Ivoryglade, the Seelie district which is included within the walls of the Dair’s palace. Although much of modern society is now used to their ‘invisible’ royalty, there is really no telling when that might change. The Dair is not a fickle ruler, but his Seelie family may be growing restless up in their high towers, eager for something new. There’s no telling what the winds of change will bring.

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