Before the fey walked out of the woods, humans were the dominant race of Warda. They lived in tribes and villages all across the land, governing themselves and fighting between nations for territory and resources. Then the fey came, and the whole world was changed.

Today, humans are considered the lowest of all the races in the Dairswyn. Their lifespans are the second-lowest (next to Pixies) and they possess no innate magical abilities whatsoever. This has led historians and scientists alike to conclude that humanity was never meant to rule Warda as kings, yielding that divine right to the fey when they emerged in this world some four thousand years ago. Humans, although utterly mundane, are sturdy despite their mortal features and can withstand a great deal of hard labor if need be. They are survivors, adapting to any terrain and any circumstances.

Perhaps their most admired trait,  they widely possess a deeply intuitive sense of invention and imagination, something the fey lack considerably. It is a well known fact that the Mechanica Guild’s Patent Offices are constantly filled with queues and queues of humans with new ideas, new inventions, new devices ready to be pitched at the Guild directors for production. It is much more rare to find a full-blooded fey standing in those lines awaiting their chance for greatness. Humans are simply more adept at coming up with new concepts and connecting those concepts together in a functional way.

Their average height is between five and six feet, and their skin tones range from dark to pale, with every shade in between. Their eye colors tend to be gray, blue, brown, black, hazel, or green, and their hair colors range from dark black to light blonde. They come in many shapes and sizes as well. Humans are diverse in appearance, personality, and skills. They are admirably competent at most tasks set to them, and are the majority of the working forces of Ammingrad and Amminheim across many different industries and businesses.

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