Brownies are one of the smaller races of fey, standing only about four feet at their very tallest. Despite their size, they mature quickly and spend the greater portion of their 200 year lifespan as full-grown adults. They are a comfortable, kind, generous people with an affinity for cooking, tinkering, and brewing – both tea and alcohol, of course. In appearance, Brownies have a kind of cuddly expression to their usually rounded features, and many have slightly more than the usual amount of hair on their head as well as other places on their bodies. Some Brownies appear rat-like, others rabbit-ish, and still others squirrelly or mousey. Even their ears may be slightly rounder or oversized, their fingers delicate and long, and their bellies rounded. Not unlike their distant rodent cousins, Brownies may come in a variety of colors from pale peachy white to tan, to brown, to black.

Brownies are clever, well-spoken creatures with a knack for reading emotions and providing sympathy. Many Brownies are in the cuisine, hospitality, and general service industries. They are very fine knitters and tailors, and are often employed by higher families as house servants in various capacities.

It is not uncommon for Brownies to be as high up in society as being on the board of directors for various schools or guilds. In fact, Camerin Dusely is head of the Arcanica Guild’s Marketing and Public Relations departments, as well as a trimaster of Hollyhollow College of Magic.

Their family life is similar to that of humans: they marry young and bear a number of children in their time. As their children mature and leave the house, Brownie parents may continue to bear more children every several years to replace them in the ‘nest’ so to speak. Brownies tend to bear multiples, usually of the fraternal sort. When an older Brownie passes away, their whole family flocks to that home and everyone has a great feast of celebration, followed by a roaring hearth and long talks and dancing and storytelling into the night.

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