Happy National Coming Out Day!

Dear friends, on behalf of Warda, we just wanted to take a moment and say that we are wishing a happy and safe National Coming Out Day to all who are celebrating it!

National Coming Out Day is a day when people celebrate ‘coming out’ as being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, genderqueer, or any number of other sexuality and gender identities. By no means are you required to come out – that should be a choice you make for yourself, when the time is right for you. But we just wanted to say: even if you have been out a decade or more, or if you are still exploring your identity, we just wanted to say it’s cool and we are sending all of you lots of love.

Warda is a fantasy world we’ve built to reflect certain aspects of our Real World – but the strife and indignation that many non-cis non-het peoples experience are not one of them. We hope very much to see positive change continue to happen for our not-straight friends in our Real World.

~Aly & Drew

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