UPDATE – The End of Winds of Change!

At the time of this blog post, I know that none of you have heard or experienced Winds of Change yet, but I felt I should commemorate this occasion with a moment of reflection.

When Drew and I first created the world of Warda, we decided that getting some friends together to play it as an RPG would be a good way to explore the structure and play in the sandbox, so to speak. That game we called Winds of Change, and last night, we played our final session of that story.

Winds of Change takes place ten years following the events of Curiosities. It follows the story of Quillathe Sareine of House Sareine; Griff Hood, the human weather thief; Iggly Twitchwiggler III, respected gentle-Gobbin and banker; and Jist, the fastest Pixie in Ammingrad.

Once we reach our $300 a month goal on Patreon, we will be releasing the audio files from the Winds of Change storyline. Then, once we reach the proper point in the timeline on the podcast, we’ll loop it in there as well. We cannot wait to share this all with you – Winds of Change was our first foray into this world and its stories are near and dear to us. If you’ve enjoyed Curiosities, you’ll really enjoy Winds of Change – though I warn you, dear readers and listeners, when the game ended last night, each and every one of us had tears in our eyes. I’ve never been at a table for a game session where every single player and the DM was in tears. It was a hefty moment, and we look forward to sharing the whole journey with you soon.


CLICK HERE to check out the Patreon and help us bring Winds of Change to the world!


“Winds of change weaken to breezes and dwindle to naught,

Yet they filled the sails to bursting and found for us a home.

Rest well, fine pioneers of Ammingrad, wanderers in Walls,

I’ve never heard your tales, but I follow in your steps.”

Franz Nibbley, Brownie librarian and celebrated historian

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