A Quick Update (and a Cancelled Episode)!

Ladies and gentlefey, we have here a brief update for you on what’s going on in the world of Warda!


There will be NO Live Stream tonight (7/18/17)

Unfortunately due to scheduling and unfortunate travel delays, there is no GM available for tonight’s live stream of Warda: Curiosities. Drew is in rehearsal for a show and Aly is currently in NY because of delayed and then canceled flights back to the Midwest. As such, we have to cancel tonight’s live stream episode of Warda: Curiosities. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and we hope you’ll all understand… and maybe take this opportunity to share your love of Warda with friends, family, and fellow gamers/story lovers! Invite new folks to join us in Warda by catching up on previous episodes, exploring this website, and discovering the adventure for themselves.

The previous episodes are all linked here on the blog and can be found on the One Shot Podcast Network’s YouTube channel.

Additionally, that leads to our next order of business…


The Warda Podcast is LIVE!

Yes, that’s right! Many people asked and we have delivered. Starting now, we’ll be releasing podcast episodes (about an hour each) taken directly from the live stream episodes’ audio tracks. Further down the line, the podcast may morph and change and develop, but for now, we’re bringing Warda: Curiosities to the audio audiences who want to tune in but can’t because of scheduling and whatnot. So let your people know that the podcast is now available! You can subscribe on iTunes, or directly at the podcast site here:


Share share share the link and let people know they can get caught up audio-style if they are so inclined!


We are so excited to keep sharing the world of Warda with you all, and we hope that you enjoy what’s come so far. We’ll see you back on the live stream on Tuesday July 25 at our regular time, 7:30 CST for the next episode of Warda: Curiosities.

Thank you!


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