Sylvani are the earth- and plant-based fey of Warda. They are physically reminiscent of various plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and occasionally like rock or stone. Rarely a Sylvani will be born with rock or earth as a part of their anatomy. This is incredibly rare but is seen as a blessing as these Sylvani are strong, more hale and have better endurance. However, the limb that is rock has no sensory feeling and the owner of this condition will need to undergo special training to learn how to function with a “phantom limb.” The chosen sense of the Sylvani people is touch – their world is colored by texture and tactile sensation. It’s said that a Sylvani can learn to understand almost anything by touching or holding it, and they are skilled at identifying things simply by brushing their fingers along an object – a useful skill for a scholar, Warden, or scientist of any kind.

Sylvani reproduction is similar in many ways to human intercourse – but when conception takes place, one of the parents (gender is no object; it is randomly selected which partner will carry the seeds each time) carries the seed pods within their womb for six months, then plants the seedlings in soil. There the seedlings remain for a year, absorbing nutrients from the earth, and after the year ends, the seedlings sprout up and are gathered up by their parents and/or nursemaids. (This is why their natal day celebration is generally referred to as a ‘harvestday’ instead of a ‘birthday.’) There are a number of planting houses within the kingdom that could be used for the planting of those seeds, but space is limited and must be reserved in advance. A poorer parent might have to settle for a flowerpot in their own home – but the nutrients will be significantly less than if the child were planted outside or in a proper plant house.

A Sylvani generally lives to be between 230 and 290 years of age, if well-watered and kept in proper conditions.

The Sylvani high house is called Gainoor. House Gainoor is in charge of the Water Guild. The animosity between House Sareine and House Gainoor is fiercest at the top of the chain; the Sylvani lower houses do not carry so much bloodlust as the Houses Gainoor and Sareine do.

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