The Naiadi are the water elemental fey of Warda. Their high house is House Sareine, led by Lord Lutado Sareine, infamous for being a shrewd businessman and a mysterious, aloof father to seven sons and one daughter. Lord Lutado is head of the Agricultural Guild of Warda (see the Guild pages for more information about this seemingly unusual alignment of water fey and earth-business).

Naiadi life spans can be as long as three hundred years in some cases. They are a visually diverse people, whose appearance  can be a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors. Some appear to be more like freshwater fish, some more like sharks, some like walruses or dolphins. All creatures who lived in the Ocean That Was were influence to the physical design of the modern Naiadi man and woman. They are comfortable on dry land and can operate quite dextrously on their own two feet, but if submerged in water, their extra fins, gills, and other appendages become apparent and aid them in swimming, breathing and seeing underwater, and operating the way their ancestors did.
A Naiadi reaches maturity at 100 years of age, and for a female Naiadi, this means the age of spawning. A Naiadi female can physically have intercourse whenever she wants, as much as she wants, but to bear children, there is only one time they can spawn to produce offspring, and it is somewhere between their hundredth year and their two hundredth year. It is different for every woman and cannot be predicted, so anyone participating in sexual activity during that time needs to be wary of consequences.

Naiadi have an affinity for flavor; their chosen sense is taste. They are famous for enjoying saltwine, a beverage of varying alcoholic content considered repulsive by most other races.

Their architecture is full of high ceilings, arched doorways, indoor waterfalls, reflecting pools, fountains, and bathing tubs. They also enjoy mirrors a great deal, being a little vain to boot.

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