A halfgene is the offspring of an elemental fey and a human. The child of such a pairing will often retain traits of both parents, such as the mossy, flowery hair of its Sylvani mother, but the strong shoulders and build of its human father. Halfgenes are common among the middle and upper classes – and not all halfgenes are social outcasts or considered bastards. Many are legitimized by their fey parentage and raised with a higher quality of life than their human families could offer. These halfgenes may possess magical abilities like those of their fey family, and may attend special schools or undergo tutelage to hone those skills in special ways, as they may not develop as quickly or as surely as full blooded fey children. However, halfgenes are widely accepted as common and normal; despite any internal struggles that may arise psychologically for these children, the majority of society sees halfgenes as valid and worthy individuals, often ranking higher than their fully-human parent and family members.

Halfgenes do not occur between humans and Gobbins, Brownies, or Pixies.

Halfgenes do not occur between humans and Fairies – this pairing may produce children, but the children will either be fully human or fully Fairy – the science of this is still a mystery.

Halfgenes do not occur between humans and Seelie, or Seelie and any other fey. This is strictly taboo and does not take place. Even if it did take place, those children would be dealt with by the Dair himself.


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