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Warda blends the aesthetic and class hierarchy of Downton Abbey with the intrigue and backstabbery of Game of Thrones, with a dash of Agatha Christie mystery on top. Ambition, magic, invention, and curiosity combine in this original fantasy setting for fiction and tabletop roleplaying.

What is Warda?

Warda is a multimedia fantasy project created by author Alyson Grauer and game connoisseur Drew Mierzejewski. It is both a fully formed fictional world and an operational setting for roleplaying games to take place in. Together, these two writers and performers are exploring the world of Warda in fiction, audio, RPG, and live stream actual play, the latter of which is found on the Twitch channel of the One Shot Podcast Network. Previous episodes of the live stream can be found on the One Shot YouTube channel or our blog here on the website, and there is a podcast available as well on iTunes and all other available podcasting apps. Warda combines Edwardian-era aesthetics and class tensions with high fantasy magic and reimagined fey races to tell stories of intrigue, mystery, social warfare, comedy of manners, and many different genres in between. The city holds thousands of stories. What will yours be?

So...where do I start?

You can watch the video archive of the live streams, or you can listen to the podcast chapters.

The first major story in Warda is called Curiosities, and it is comprised of two arcs: “The Case of the Calcified Chanteuse” and “The Secrets of Spiderwillow.” It began in May 2017 as a weekly live stream on Twitch, hosted by the One Shot Podcast Network, and ended in September 2017.

If you’d like to consume the story in chronological order, we advise beginning with the first podcast chapter, or viewing the live stream video of Game 1: The next available ‘jumping off point’ would be Game 10, the beginning of the Spiderwillow arc:

What is Glimpses?

Glimpses is a series of four separate adventures that exist outside of the other storylines of Warda. Each story consisted of a new cast and a new plot, offered as ‘short stories’ in an anthology setting. You can listen to any of these stories and know nothing about what happened in Curiosities beforehand. They all take place chronologically after Curiosities and have no major connections to what came before.

There is a fifth Glimpse. It is a one-shot adventure, but it also acts as a prologue to the next major story – Winds of Change.

Are there any stories or books that are set in Warda?

Great question! There are no Warda novels…yet. We hope someday to have full- length fiction written by co-creator Aly Grauer, but for now we have short form fiction available right here on the website for you. Aly and Drew have each written some stories and continue to add more as time goes on. Some of the Patreon patrons have submitted stories about their canon characters, and with Aly and Drew’s editorial approval, some of these stories are being made available to read as well over time.

The Creators

Aly Grauer

Alyson Grauer

Aly is known for her novel On The Isle of Sound and Wonder (2014) which was nominated the Runner-Up for Best Novel by a Chicagoan in the Chicago Reader (2016) and her assorted short stories with both Xchyler Publishing and the podcast anthology Tales from the Archives for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. She has narrated several audiobooks and podcast short stories. In addition to Warda, she is co-host of the podcast Get Hype. You can follow Aly on Twitter at @dreamstobecome.

Drew Mierzejewski

Drew Mierzejewski

Drew is a longtime GM, worldbuilder, and game enthusiast as well as a stage combatant and performer. He holds an MFA in Acting from Northern Illinois University and his short form game “Happily Ever Maybe” was a finalist in the 200 Word RPG Contest in 2017. He is a founding member of the combat troupe To The Point. In addition to performing, he runs several homebrew D&D campaigns and enjoys trying out new roleplaying systems as much as possible. You can follow Drew on Twitter at @worldstoforge.

Aly and Drew are also married and currently live in Orlando with their cat, Queen Felicia. As they continue to produce the podcast and various fictions set in Warda, they are building mechanics for an entirely original tabletop roleplaying game for Warda as well.

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