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In the great city of Ammingrad, many wondrous things can be seen and experienced. There is a central city where domesticated magic radiates from outward. There are ten Wards in the city, with the First Ward being the highest/richest area in town which includes the palace and the Persephone Crispin University of Magical Academia.

The palace is set high on a hill backed by an impossibly tall mountain range, and below and within the mountains sits the under-city, Amminheim, the location of much of the kingdom’s natural resources, mines, factories, workshops, etc. Primarily inhabited and worked in by lower-caste humans, and goblins. Amminheim is additionally considered lowbrow, contains black market dealings, and shady places to accomplish nefarious goals.

In the city, the weather is controlled by the weather guild on a rigorous and strict schedule. In the countryside, the further and further away from the city, the weather is less predictable and more volatile, so country dwelling citizens ‘pay’ for their weather by entering a contract with mages of the Weather Guild in the city to come out and ‘deal’ with the weather for six month periods. “To pay one’s weather bill” has become an idiom in the country for both using the loo and also getting one’s comeuppance for poor decision making.

The city is named for the current Dair’s father, Ammin, who was Dair when the fey first came out of the woods. In those times, humans were doubtful and violent, and a great war was waged. The peoples of the realm were united under the new Dair, Olghar, and he built the great city of Ammingrad to honor his father.

The city is built to hold 15 Wards. There are Ten Wards in Ammingrad and a further Five in Amminheim. There are roughly 175 million citizens living in the city currently.

Ammingrad – The City of Remembrance

Ward 1 – The Ivoryglade

Ward 2 – The Guildhalls, The Poshway

Ward 3 – The Magic Quarter: The University of Magic Campus and Estate, Lanspring

Ward 4 – Lawnwalk Ways, Grandcaster, Barnstead, Grainsbridge: Home of House Gainoor Estate / The Gainoor Water Gardens

Ward 5 – Grovesbury Hills, Lordwich Falls, Hayesline Halls, Terraceton: Home of House Fleet Estate

Ward 6 – Amesworth: The Chundahli School of Staves, Gloward Heights: Home of House Sareine Estate, Sandalwood Shallows, Stonedale

Ward 7 – Greentower Woods, Meadowlark Ridge: Home of House Ardeo Estate, Bloomingbrooke, Belwood Park: Embrilar’s Apartment, Owin’s Curiosity Shop

Ward 8 – Blackburrow, Crookfield, Prickledowns, Yardworth, Dogwood Ditch, Hartwood Half, Mudapple Grove

Ward 9 – Eastwalk, Hardvale, Farglen Hills, Darkwood Acres: The Pit, Kirkson Acres, Ashwin Haven, Waterline

Ward 10 – Fenway, Oakpassage, Fennelton, Harbor Haven, Rover’s Grove, Goldrose, Sweetwater, Shimmer Gardens, Fairfield, Westhill, Rumville, Wavecrest, Willowburgh, Barley Hollow

The Tenth Ward houses much of the city’s internal farming and agricultural production as well as its rural sections. It is the largest of the Wards and runs as a horseshoe around the more densely populated metropolitan sections of Ammingrad. It is broken into 12 separate sections, but many of these sections have bled into each other over the years. Therefore each section is known more for the central town that occupies its production rather than what it produces. At the dawn of the city the 10th Ward was the sole domain of the Sylvani and of House Gainoor who, at the time, ran the Agrarian Guild. The Guild has since changed hands to the Naiadi of House Sareine but many of the main towns and centers in the 10th Ward have strong Sylvani roots in their names and architecture.

Amminheim – The Under City

Ward 11 – Farback Way, Sunlight, Mushroom Meadows, Shufflemore

Ward 12 – Rock Forest, Narrowcliff, Pinprick, Ragmuse

Ward 13 – Factory Acres, Tunnelspider Sweeps, Glowworm, Dampwater

Ward 14 – Hope Harbor, Lamplight, Miner’s Rest, Tidy Corners

Ward 15 – The Outs, The Stations, The Books, The Squeeze, The Stacks, The Noggins, The Lows, The Sighs