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The city of Ammingrad and the Undercity of Amminhiem are home to many organizations ranging from the powerful guilds to the most humble tea shop. The entries in this section are meant to give a taste of what can be and is done in the Dairswyn and is not meant to be all-encompassing.

The Guild System

While Dair Olgar holds the absolute executive power of the Dairswyn government, much of the day to day affairs of the kingdom are delegated from him via the Guilds. The Guilds are small, specific organizations with the power to create laws via legislature and enforce those laws via their own judicial, and sometimes martial, action. However, Guilds only have jurisdiction over narrow domains, such as agriculture, sanitation or transportation. Together, the nine Guilds work like a clockwork timepiece as each cog helps the others to function for the greater whole. Beyond their governing function, the Guilds also operate as large corporations. Each one functions with the buying, selling, producing and distributing of their own brand of goods and services that pertain to the specialty of the Guild in question. For example, the Weather Guild will make laws about where and when a rainstorm can be unleashed in the city but they will also have a local distribution center where one may buy said rainstorm. But if you were to create an unscheduled rainstorm or use weather in an unauthorized manner, you’d be arrested by Weather Guild agents and stand trial in a Weather Guild court for the crime. In this way, the Guilds can operate entirely autonomously from the main monarchical government of the Dair, allowing them to wield a great amount of power under the Dair’s watchful eye. Since the Guilds are a part of daily life, all citizens of Ammingrad have some dealings with them in one way or the other, this can be either directly (you work for them) or indirectly (you buy their goods and services). Either way, the ebb and flow of the Dairswyn runs on the Guilds and their relationship to each other.

Historical Context:

The Guild System was instituted by Dair Olgar some 1500 to 2000 years into his reign. In the beginning of the city’s history, the Dair oversaw much of the day to day running of the city and patterned much of the government and law on what was known to him from “The World that Was.” After time though, this proved a poor way to govern, especially as the city grew and Dair Olgar’s necessary attention was spread thin. Eventually, the Dair saw the necessity to delegate his influence to other like-minded parties. Initially, this influence and power was given to other Seelie. These original heads (Governors as they were called) eventually delegated further, giving unprecedented power to the High Fey Houses (such as Sariene and Trake). With each Seelie giving influence to favored underlings and those who impressed them, the government structure began to assume an almost feudalistic hue. Rival Seelie Governors began to pit their favorite fey and humans against each other, and as the centuries progressed the city became a game board on which the Seelie could compete and gain power. It was only when one such contest threatened to delve the city into an internal war did the Dair intervene. It was here that he created the Guilds and set strict rules for Seelie involvement. He passed much of his power from the Seelie to the Guild organization and placed High Houses as governing individuals with Seelies as overseers rather than rulers. While the process of ending the Governor System was swift, the Guild System took some 500 years to solidify into the thriving, well-oiled machine we know it to be today. The Guilds hold much of the Power in Warda along with the Government. They are a bit like governments and corporations mixed together and hold a great deal of power in all aspects of life. All citizens of Ammingrad have some dealings with the Guilds in one way or the other, this can be either directly (you work for them) or indirectly (you buy their goods and services).

The Guilds

Purpose: to study and encourage study, growth, and understanding of all kinds of magic, its history and its development. The guild is also tasked with the regulation and protection of people’s involvement with magic in everyday life, and the punishment of those who abuse its power. Also included in regulation are the finalization of magical patents and invented magics – testing approving new things to be released to the public for use.

The Arcanica Guild is governed by a council of six Directors, with their Seelie Overseer is Lara Pellania Elrys aka Penelope Crispin

The Current Roster is as follows:

  • Overseer Penelope “Pellania” Crispin (House Elrys) (Seelie) General Overseer of the Arcanica Guild, also Head of the Penelope Crispin University of Magic
  • Director Urpin Fommel (Fairy) Head of Arcanica Judicial Law Department, also Headmaster at Woadhall Academy of Arcane Arts
  • Director Gaathry Sullin (Ifriti) Head of the Arcanica Law Enforcement Department, also runs a Dueling Club specializing in Fire Magic called, “The Genteel Art of Ignition”
  • Director Camerin Dusley (Brownie) Head of the Arcanica Marketing Department, Head of the Arcanica Public Relations Department, also sits as a Trimaster at the Hollyhollow College of Magic
  • Director Sura Mithleen (Sylvani) Head of Magical R&D Department, Head of The Arcanica Implementation Department
  • Director Fald Rune (Gobbin) Head of the Arcanica Patent Office, Head of the Arcanica Distribution Department, also CEO of Rune Magical Sundries LTD
  • Director Deysh Dilatri (Janni) Head of the Arcanica Business and Finance Department, also is Headmistress of Overfade School of Higher Arcane Learning

The Arcanica Guild is one of the more prominent and powerful of Guilds in the Dairswyn. There is not a day that goes by that magic is not implemented in the average citizen’s daily life. Your food is cooked by magic, your transportation is facilitated by magic, your waste is taken away by magic. Everyday fey and humans buy and sell magic, they deal with arcane energy and use said energy to go about their lives. This ebb and flow of magic would not be possible if not for the Arcanica Guild.

The Arcanica Guild also has a prominent presence in the Dairswyn. No matter where you are you can reach a Guild Office and there is practically a Guild sponsored Magical Sundries shop on every corner. They also employ many of the Dairswyn’s citizens and it is often in this Guild that you will find the rank and file Fey working to make their ends met.

While much of current magical theory has been mapped, there are still new discoveries happening. Monthly submissions for magical patents go through the Guild Offices, and interviews/pitch meetings must take place before testing. If the concept is approved it is moved on to rigorous testing, sometimes taking years for review. After testing, the Guild debates whether it’s plausible/viable to distribute. If so, there is a fee paid the inventor and the Guild takes over production. If the application is denied at this stage the materials/information are confiscated, archived and the applicant is issued a “Red Tag” order indicating a rejected submission. However, if it is decided that the proposal presented constitutes a danger to the general public, the Guild may find grounds to confiscate the inventor and their research for further questions and study. Often this process, called being “White Tagged” ends with the knowledge placed in deep archive (or destroyed) and the inventor/researcher placed either under arrest or under the Arcanica Guild’s watchful eye as a “Special Employee”

Purpose: To invent, create and distribute machines that harness the power of magic and enhance it for a specific purpose. Also, to investigate the further blend of magic with natural science for greater effect. This guild also is delegated to construct new buildings, install new mechanica and upkeep all necessary functions of said mechanica in the event of disrepair. The Mechanica Guild also is in charge of the patenting of new inventions, scientific process, and applications of Mechanica.

While the Mechanica Guild is a relatively young fixture of the Guild System (roughly only 250 years old) it has fast become one of the most influential. In the early part of the 4300s the Fey of Dairswyn had begun to notice the curious custom of humans creating intricate devices known as machines. This was initially thought as quaint and charming, with Fey coming from miles around to see these machines and marvel at them. However as more complicated machines began to be created and even some of them producing effects that rivaled simple magic (A human uses a pulley and rope to lift a heavy object just as a Fey would with magic) the Fey began to take notice. They enlisted humans to begin to produce more and more of these devices and in time a thriving economy of machines was created. As time progressed even High Fey began to see the use of indoor plumbing and steam power and with such progress, the city itself was transformed. In the last 400 years or so human-driven technology, from gas lamps, factories and chemistry to bicycles, conveyer belts, and trolley cars have exploded. Today the Mechanist Guild is called out to build building, install the latest and greatest inventions and create wonders hitherto unheard of.

In it’s early days, the Mechanist Guild would only deal in human-based technology. There was no magic crossover. However, as the years progressed, Fey and Humans would work together to devise bigger and better machines, some of which could do fantastical things that magic could not do on its own. Today, nearly every machine in the Dairswyn has a magical component to it. This has even lead to magic being in the hands of humans, for a human can use a machine that creates a magical effect just as a Fey could use magic naturally. A good example of this is the lightglobe. In this, a lumination spell is housed in a specially made (and human-designed) glass globe. Within the globe is a filament (also human-designed) that can intensify the brightness of the illumination spell. Also, lightglobes can be connected to each other and a human need only press a button (thus releasing the already stored lumination spell) into multiple globes that will light and bring illumination to the entire room rather than just over the Fey who cast the illumination in the first place.

In the simplest terms, the Mechanica Guild is taking human ingenuity and harnessing it as only Fey can. Where magic is the miracle, mechanica is the enhancement of that miracle, taking it the extra mile.

Since it was initially of human origin it is not surprising that a large number of humans work in the Mechanica Guild in more prestigious positions. Humans are inventors, engineers, chemists, scientists, electricians and, managers. In fact, the head Mechanist for their Research and Development Department is a human; Mrs. Wendaly Craythorne of House Craythorne.

This, however, does not mean that humans have complete autonomy in the Mechanica Guild. The upper management of the Guild is still Fey based. Even construction crews (nearly exclusively human) have a Fey Workboss who is assisted by a Fey Engineer (who is assisted and consulted by a Human Engineer). The Guild itself is actually run by Lady Luminessa Ardeo, an Ifriti of House Ardeo who is a brilliant Mechanist in her own right. Lady Luminessa is the defacto leader and has the authority to make all the important decisions. She is assisted by a board of humans that present her with their needs but it is her word that makes the clock tick.

As with other Guilds, the Mechanica Guild has its own Judicial and Legislative departments, as well as departments that facilitate the mass production, distribution, and selling of Mechanica Goods. A Human can go to any Mechanica Guild sponsored store and buy a limited use cold spell housed in a mechanica. The consumer would then use the mechanica and then return to the store to have it charged or to trade it in for a new mechanica (for a fee).

But while the Mechnica Guild has grown greatly in the past centuries they are subject to heavy legislation from the Dair himself who worries that a rampant growth of “human ideas” will only add chaos and trouble to his city. As such, the Mechanica Guild Patent Office is a combined venture with the Mechanica and Arcanica Guilds, overseen by a Seelie board of deliberation. This is due to the pervasive nature of technology and science to the city. Nearly every Guild uses some form of Mechanica and Arcanica and as such it is notoriously complex to get into the Patent Office and have your product seen for review. Inventors prepare and plan for months (even years) in advance to ensure their presentations go smoothly.

Purpose: The Production, regulation, distribution and policing of all food crops and various organic items grown within the city of Ammingrad.

This guild is overseen by the Naiadi of House Sareine. Sarine oversees all items grown within the city limits. This includes all flora, food crops, textile and consumer crops, and Sylvani breeding plots. This is a colossal monopoly, making House Sareine one, if not THE preminate houses in the City… or at least it would if they knew how to capitalize on it. House Sareine is medicre, at best, at Agriculture and as such they send double what a flora race like the Sylvani would in maintaining basic standards. This has caused House Sareine no end of woe, but they continue to work at it.

A bit of Historical Context: It is often wondered why the Naiadi deal in Agriculture. At the onset of the Guild system, House Sareine and House Gainoor both worked in their respective fields, but the job proved easy and did not challenge them and both houses became lazy. The Dair, seeing this, switched their roles stating that whoever proved most adept in the running of their new role and ultimately impressed him, would be given both roles. The Two houses have been competing ever since.

Purpose: To regulate, purify, protect and distribute all water in the City of Ammingrad

The Water Guild oversees all water rights in the City, from the water in the canals to the water coming from your pipes. Every drop of water is counted, tested and maintained by this Guild. You can often see their Agents working near canals or checking up on water right contracts for residential and commercial areas in the Wards. They are pervasive and many fey and humans work for this Guild in a myriad of capacities.

The Guild itself is run by the Sylvani of House Gainoor. House Gainoor, headed by Lady Shrowsberry Gainoor, overseas all interactions and contracts with any individual or organization that wishes or needs water. This makes the Water Guild and by extension, House Gainoor, one of the more powerful organizations in the city …or it would if House Gainoor knew how to capitalize on their good fortune. Due to their mediocrity with dealing with water Gainoor spends twice the resources in keeping up the waters of Ammingrad. This has caused the guild no end of trouble but it also pushes them.

If you were curious why Sylvani work in water, here's a bit of historical context: at the beginning of the Guilds House Sareine and House Gainoor both worked in their respective fields, but the job proved easy and did not challenge them and both houses became lazy. The Dair, seeing this, switched their roles stating that whoever proved most adept in the running of their new role and ultimately impressed him, would be given both roles. The Two houses have been competing ever since.

Purpose: To harness, schedule, ship, and distribute all aspects of meteorological phenomena throughout the realm.

Five fey sit on the Weather Council:

  • Peer Renil Kuntal (Ifriti)
  • Peer Vauren Winsel (Naiadi)
  • Peer Gurson Rutabor (Sylvani)
  • Peer Stigli Cham (Janni)
  • Lan Fervingham Bralde (Seelie) Fervingham never shows up – but when he does, it’s for a single order that is unreasonable and seemingly unrelated to anything else on the meeting docket.

Beneath the Council’s watchful eye is the Circle of Weather Masters. This group of 10 make up the artisans that design the weather for the city and head up each project of weather that is created. Beneath them are scores of workers that manufacture, distribute and regulate the weather they design. They are lead by Trubadour VanClaude, a brilliant weather artist and Fairy who obtained the rank of Head Weathermaster early in his genius career. A prodigy of Weather Magics, Trubadour has been heralded as the voice of a generation of weather. Weathermasters are like artists – in the yearly almanac, their pre-determined schedule for work is published and the public can see when their ‘favorite’ weathermasters are on schedule.

  • Head Weather Master: Trubadour VanClaude
  • Weather Master Ballmore Fidge
  • Weather Master Aqueline Orphal
  • Weather Master Quigley Turnwell
  • Weather Master Igna Averton
  • Weather Master Sarsha Vane
  • Weather Master Chandi Laddis
  • Weather Master Cloop Zursh
  • Weather Master Allya Tierworth
  • Weather Master Tropicar Waverlee

Seasons exist for organization’s sake, i.e. winter is more likely to have snow than summer, but all seasons are mostly mild and temperate and comfortable. Distribution within the Inner Dairswyn is through four large airborne engines in the form of Airships which blanket the city in the Weather Guild’s control (except for rotating “blank spots” on the outer wards which are constantly in contact with the Weather Guild to have schedules and predictions of what boxed weather will be needed to keep the crops and livestock well and plentiful). Distribution to the Outer Dairswyn is done by experienced Agents who travel with pre-boxed weather manifestations in exchange for monthly bills.

There is a central guild building in the middle of Ammingrad which houses the Guild’s Council and the distribution department as well as the agent training and administration. Throughout the city, there are many weather shops and stations where common people can go and purchase small bits of weather or hire the aid of a Weather Agent.

The Weather Guild utilizes many of the floating islands that are around the cities airspace. These are usually staging platforms for localized weather or fueling stations for the four airborne weather engines.

Purpose: tasked with the general education of the Citizens of Ammingrad (excluding humans and pixies) and to employ private tutors, professional teachers, and other agents to make sure that the general educational needs of the city are met. Also to discipline those that exploit and abuse the education of others.

Before the reign of Dair Olgar, the previous Dair, Ammin set up a group of scholars to teach the basic learning of the fey. This was mostly done as Ammin himself was a scholar and had a deep love and respect for learning. Ammin, which his council of scholars created The Order of Lore and spent many years before and during the Godswar, delving the mysterious of this new world. It was a prestigious organization then and even though it has morphed through the ages into the Guild of Education, it still holds great prestige as the first and only organization created by Ammin himself.

Today, the Education Guild is headed by none other than Og Sentry the Peaceable. He sits at the head of a council of four other fey: Rasmuth Bilg, Quinn Lorrund, Swinzey Nigglebok, and Mardrin Pax. Together they and the hosts of other fey who work for the Guild make sure that the city of Ammingrad is educated and literate. The Guild is responsible for the primary and secondary education of all children and employs an army of teachers and scholars.

Primary education for young children is usually Education Guild sponsored except in rare cases when other guilds (like the Mechanica or Arcanica) will create their own primary schools. However, these schools and their curriculums must be approved by the Education Guild. Parents can choose to send their children to a public school for free or a private school for a fee. Private tutors are the most expensive but the best. Guild Primary Schools are by invitation only.

Secondary education in Ammingrad is more free form as many young fey take apprenticeships (which are also Edu. Guild reviewed and approved). There are Secondary schools in the public and private sector and private tutors must be authorized for secondary education. It is usually at this age that the Guild Schools such as Penelope Crispin’s University of Magic or Woadhall Academy will take on their charges. These come from all walks of life and from varying educational backgrounds but competition is fierce to pass the entrance exams for each.

Along with Magical, Martial and Technical schools, there are several secondary General Education Schools that are run entirely by the Education Guild. These schools are commonly (and vulgarly) called “Gennies”. The term has become synonymous with both the schools and those who go to them. These schools do not specialize in their curriculum but they do give a broad education that allows most the opportunity to receive employment from many prestigious organizations and guilds. However, most look down on those who go to these institutions of learning. The Guild’s Council has made a special point to remove the stigma from General Schools but the mindset remains for most of this generation.

While Pixies and Humans are not required to receive schooling that does not mean they are not taught. The Pixie Messenger Union has had its Pixie Educational Training Program rigorously reviewed by the Education Guild and there are many Human run Schools at both the Primary and Secondary levels. These human schools are usually run by an enterprising and often philanthropic fey and a host of human teachers. They are not the best schools, but they do work so hard at it.

Purpose: The regulation and distribution of goods, services, and currency to the general populace as well as the protection of said goods, services and currency.

This Guild is steeped in bureaucracy and legislature. It is practically built of red tape. There are numerous under factions, separate third party corporations and distribution firms but all Goods, Services, and Currency is funneled through the Guild. The Guild also is in charge of all warehouses, banks, and trade. This includes trade agreements between corporations and Outer Dairswyn. Not a penny in all of the realm has not been through its hands.

Leadership – This Guild is run by a council of 4 leading persons and one Seelie overseer.

  • Wellington Brillum – Brownie; Head of Mercantile Goods Distribution and Regulation / Head of Production of Mercantile Goods (Amminheim Leason)
  • Quinlyn Rushfield – Gobbin; Head of Banking and Finance
  • Abalphra Wald – Naiadi; Head of Collective Services
  • Tyrund Burch – Human; Head of Fiscal Law and Trade Contracts
  • Lara Mandol Valweir – Seelie; Overseer and De Facto Swing Vote

This guild also heads all the Banking in Ammingrad and Amminheim. They are responsible for the printing, distribution, and protection of currency.

Purpose: The upkeep of all public domains in the city, as well as any service based government positions. They also are tasked with the training of all service industry personnel and the removal of waste from the city.

The Sanitation & Service Guild was, at the beginning, not a guild at all but a loose confederation of fairy families who gathered together to keep the new city of Ammingrad in good repair and clean. These families eventually formed their own Service Union. Within this Union, several of the most prominent Fairy Families set up a board of directors. Of these families, one was the Family of Draem. As the years progressed several other Service conglomerates were assimilated by House Draem until they were able to amass enough power to take control of the Service Union and become the Sanitation and Service Guild.

Today, every servant, maid, butler or valet is vetted and regulated by the S&S for quality and control. These servants are then parcelled out to businesses, families and other organizations for the purpose of service and sanitation.

All other sanitation services, such as waste, cleaning, and purification are done by the S&S in large complexes and factories. Most mundane labor that would use both fairies and humans are regulated by the S&S. Service is their motto and efficiency is their obsession.

House Draem is currently headed by Lord Umber and his wife Lady Martha Draem. They two share a close business relationship and many say that the S&S would not function if both of them were not at its helm.

Purpose: To protect and serve. Responsible for the watchmen that patrol the city by day and night, divided up between the wards, as well as the high-ranking, special operatives who guard the wall of Ammingrad.

The Martial Guild Leading Council: Lord Jardane Fleet of House Fleet is the defacto leader of all the Wardens in the city.

Pinnacle Millicent Gainoor of House Gainoor is Pinnacle of the Guardians and acts as their commanding officer and liaison with the Guild.

Percilla Snodgrass runs the Dueling Club Commission that regulates and facilitates all activities pertaining to Dueling clubs in the city.

These three are supervised by Lan Doxmer Elrys, who, unlike other Seelie, is very active in his duties as true leader of the Martial Guild.

The Guardians: the keepers of the Wall of Ammingrad. They are highly trained, carefully armored individuals who are perfectly loyal – they are the second line of defense should anyone come knocking (the wall is the first line). But there is really nothing to worry about, as there’s nothing outside the wall in the first place. That being said, Guardians are soulbranded with unbreakable spells that prevent them from divulging their work and experiences to unapproved parties.

The Wardens: The local police force of Ammingrad and Amminheim. They protect and defend the people and uphold the Dair’s Law in the city. Click here for more about the Wardens.

Private Guard: The wealthy and elite of Inner Dairswyn have privately hired guards just like servants. These usually do not fall under this guild directly but to have a House Militia or to be a Freelance Security Firm you need to have the correct permits, only available through this guild.

Justice in Inner Dairswyn: If there is a crime committed and the Police Guild apprehends the perpetrator, the criminal is often turned over to the jurisdiction of the Guild of which he or she has wronged. For example the creation and use of a sentient Element (called a Sentiment) is strictly forbidden by the Arcanica Guild. If persons are apprehended under this offense then the Martial Guild would turn the offender over to the Arcanica Guild for trial and sentencing. There is no Law Guild but rather a general solicitor must be versed in each guild’s unique laws. Each guild, in turn, has its own set of solicitors. A case is often pleaded before either a guild judge or a third party judge, depending on the severity of the crime. If convicted then the offender is sentenced to time in one of the three jails. The jail selected is based on the severity of the crime and the nature of the sentence. All general crimes not under Guild Law are prosecuted by the Police Guild.

There are three prisons (one in Ammingrad, two in Amminheim):

  • Coldwall Correctional Facility – Level 1 Offenders and Level 2 Offenders under 6-month sentence
  • Thamas J. Proodrock Memorial Prison – Level 2 Offenders and Level 3 Offenders under 6-month Sentence
  • Forgetmenot Square Detention Facility – Level 3 Offenders, some of the Punished, all other undesirables.

Purpose: To serve the citizens and businesses of the city by transporting people, goods, services, etc from one place to another. Transportation is mostly trolleys and canal boats for the waterways, all carriage cabby services, etc. Teleportation also falls under the purview of this Guild

Wheels are a distinctly human feature – the fey disdain using them and prefer seamless, floating devices powered by magic.

Bicycles have recently been invented and patented by the Mechanica Guild.

This is a primarily human-employed guild, like Mechanica.

The Guild is currently run by Agusta Tavvin, a Janni business woman of some renown for her sound mind for business. She and several others make up the board of directors for the Guild, of which there is none more surprising than Mr. Yenry Grennville. Mr Grennville is perhaps the most influential and powerful human in the city. He enjoys being the personal assistant for Tavvin and has an unofficial seat on the board. Tavvin is a staunch supporter of Human Right and Equality and her appointment of Grennville, who has recently achieved the title of Mister, is in stride with her.

The PMU is not considered a recognized Guild and if given the opportunity it is not believed the Pixies of Ammingrad would create such an organization. Rather, this group is organized and maintained by other fey who facilitate the use of pixies for other organizations such as government, guilds and private corporations. The group, run by Wynstin Carmile, a Fairy bureaucrat, coordinates the distribution of Pixies, as well as their fair treatment and care. In truth, they are the custodians of the collective of Pixies that serve as the information superhighway of Ammingrad and Amminheim. Pixie Messengers receive and deliver information all over the city at record speed all over seen by the PMU.

Many of the main Guilds will hire the Union to supply messenger pixies to them and while a pixie may be an employee of the PMU they will also be a technical employee of the Guild they are being used by.

The PMU agents collect and train pixies to be able to remember, deliver and serve those that they are assigned to. It is an arduous task but one that takes almost no time as Pixies soak up all information and process it quickly.

Among actual Pixies, the PMU is a merit-based system. The better a Pixie is at their job, the more work the get and the more prestigious runs they are assigned. A Pixie can work for the PMU part-time to pay the extra bills or full time in order to make a career out of it. It is their choice ultimately.

Pixie summoning is quite simple. If you are fortunate to have your own pixie you need only write down their designation (either a number you have given them or sometimes, as is becoming increasingly popular, giving them a name) and the pixie will be compelled to seek out the individual they are serving. However, if you wish you can purchase a one-time message by finding a PMU pixie station. These red cylindrical “dorms” for pixies houses many ready to use pixies to send messages. For only a few lara you can send any message you wish and receive a reply. Any further messages would be negotiated via the PMU’s standard rates.

Beneath the exterior of the PMU is the Pixie Information Network. Everyone worth their salt has Pixie informants that work for them. They will send trained pixies to spy for them or to carry sensitive information from one place to another. This network is an unspoken law and everyone knows that everyone has a pixie stashed somewhere who is taking notes of the conversation. The PMU has stated many times that they do not collect such information and that the information gathered by pixies are for those that either own the pixie or have purchased the information by hiring pixies. And while some have called into question that possibly sensitive information is being held by such insignificant creature, the PMU has been known to state that such worries are unfounded.

One of the most popular pastimes in Ammingrad these days is Dueling Clubs. On any street corner, from the dirtiest corner of Slog Alley to the pristine cross street of Sherry Lane you will find Dueling Clubs in their Salons, teaching martial arts to any who can pay the dues to learn. No two clubs are alike and each has its own form of fighting in any of the martial arts, from fencing to fisticuffs, to shooting, to magical combat and defense and even ancient fey open hand boxing. If you want to learn it, you can find it somewhere in Ammingrad. Each Club is run by a Master Teacher and some of the more prestigious ones have over 1500 members.

It is also not uncommon to find schools take up arms against each other to prove which art form is better than the other in an official way. Twice a year preliminary tournaments are held around the city. The best of those tournaments are then invited to the yearly Grand Prix. Only the best Clubs are permitted to enter and only the best students are allowed to compete in not only fighting but feats of strength, accuracy, and cunnings. The Grand Prix lasts a span and the best school is awarded the coveted, Crystal Cup.

On occasion you will find local disputes between Clubs to become personal and Club Wars are known to happen. But such practice is illegal and the wiser Clubs will settle their personal differences in Prize Fights hosted by local Noble Houses or even the local Warden Law House than to take to the streets.

Examples of Dueling Clubs:

  • The Chundahli School of Staves (Naiadi Staff and Unarmed) Master: Rath Chundahli Platform: The Pond
  • The Hardhand Way (Sylvani Unarmed) Master: Lord Stalward Fenworth Platform: The Iron Grove
  • The Mykald Technique of Janni Wind Boxing (Janni Unarmed) Master: Evin Mykald Platform: The Spire Hall
  • The Genteel Art of Ignition (Ifriti Fire Combat Magic and Unarmed) Master: Lord Gaathry Sullin Platform: 3rd Street Firewalk
  • The Flickering Flame (Ifriti Unarmed and Philosophy) Master: Lord Mephanis Ardeo Platform: The Lantern House
  • The Quakers (Tobble Kip – Gobbin Unarmed and Knife) Master: Ewarg Lizb Platform: Warehouse 5
  • The Chubie School of Brownie Defense (Munch Mark – Brownie Iron Ket and Cooking) Master: Chubie Maddron Platform: Chubie Restaurant and Fight House
  • Edwyn Cobb’s School of Defensive Magic (Fairy Combat Magic w/Strikes) Master: Edwyn Cobb Platform: The Corner Street yard
  • The Troumire Naiadi School of Blades (Naiadi Knife and Unarmed / Pressure Blade) Master: Immel Troumire Platform: Troumire Manor
  • The Pell Mells (Rod Strike Combat) (POSSIBLE GANG)
  • Master: Ezrellda Paige (Fairy) Platform: The Lot The Heroes (“One Shot” technique – General Magic Combat) Master: Jaimie Amado (Ifriti) Platform: The Pocket Dimension

A Word on Weaponry:

Blades: This era in Warda’s history is an elegant age and the weapons reflect this. Blades are the weapons of choice among many and it is not uncommon to find fey with a small knife or a forearm length square shortblade at the small of their back. The more martial fey of the city are partial to the single handed curvedblade or sabre and curvedblade dueling is incredibly popular. The thinblade is also popular and is often paired with the dueling spike or shortblade.

Other blades, the strongblade, the longblade, and double handed curvedblade are all fashionable and there are many schools specializing in their use.

Strikes: The other popular and perhaps more common weapon than blades is called a Strike. A Strike of wood or stone or metal is found on nearly every Warden, Guardian, Security Force and Militia in the city. A Strike’s primary function is that of a blunt instrument of combat but they are more often used as ranged weapons. Each Strike is imbued with a magical energy (sometimes elemental, sometimes merely destructive energy of no classification) that can be fired from it at an opponent. A magical adept individual can fire as many times as their body will allow, while a non-magical person can only use a strike as a blunt object.

Strikes come in three forms:

A Crop Strike: A Crop Strike is over 1.5 feet but never over 2.5. and is often found in twos. Crops are light, quick and good for close range bashing or close to medium range firing. They can be used in conjunction with a second Crop to deal rapid damage. Crops are notorious for draining their users quickly or for running out of charges. They are also not known for their range and are used as an upclose weapon. They are favored by Wardens.

A Rod Strike: The versatile Rod Strike usually is 3 to 4 feet in Strike and is often used as a cane. They can be used as a Dueling rod against other rods or as a solid bludgeoning weapon. They are good at medium range for shooting. They are extremely popular and many a dueling club has grown up around its use as an offensive and defensive weapon. Rods are known for their middle of the road utility. They have good range, good stopping power, and good capabilities but do not excel in any of these realms. Most Freelancers, Blood Dogs, some Wardens and all other martial practitioners will be proficient in a Rod Strike

A Staff Strike: The Staff Strike is the longest of the Strikes and comes in at 5 to 6 feet. They are known for immense power and range as well as double-ended versatility in close combat. They also come in a bladed variety that many Guardians have taken to. Bladed Strikes other than those on the wall are illegal in the city proper but the Staff Strike usually will have one. A Staff Strike has been known to bring down a person at 400 paces and accurate within inches. However, they usually have a maximum of 4 shots before they overload or seriously harm their user.

Firearms: There are currently no such thing as “Firearms” or “Guns” in Warda. A Strike does as much damage and the need for such a device has never been seen.

Archery: Most fey would rather use a strike but the ancient art of archery has made a fashionable resurgence among high-class fey, particularly Janni. The crossbow mechanism is a human construction and some humans still use it or the ingenious slinger, which is a device that throws darts via elastic cords. They have been deemed illegal and highly dangerous but local authorities.

Education in Ammingrad is mandatory for all citizen (excluding humans and pixies) in the city of Ammingrad as mandated by the Education Guild. However, education is not as cut and dry as it would appear. While the general rule is “Each citizen starting at early childhood is placed in either a public school or given tutors” the reality of having several races with different biological development schedules, as well as maturity and social skill development means that there is a host of programs in the city that cater to all.

The education of children fey is often times mandated by the parents of the fey child. The parents will submit a personal curriculum for the child that must be approved by the Education Guild. Curriculums can range from private tutors, apprenticeships, enrollment in a school or even decades of “practical application” as a fey child will work with his father as an intern at his company.

Because of this parents have a great investment into the child’s education and it is often they, along with the child, who decide what to do or when they wish to progress. If a child is parentless an Education Guild Agent is often assigned to that child’s case.

Once a child is ready to progress to secondary education the Guild along with the parents will establish a personalized test of progression as well as the guild approved standard test of education to ensure that general competency is met. Once the testing stage is complete the child then can apply to secondary educational programs including further apprenticeships, guild internships, Guild Schooling or General Education to just name a few.

Due to the nature of this process, it is not uncommon to find vastly different ages or even vastly different experience levels seeking the same knowledge. This is why most formal classes in the Dairswyn have several teachers teaching in conjunction. Classes are less like a lecture hall and more like a forum in which students will approach teachers with questions rather than the teachers approaching students with lessons. The exception to this is with private teachers who work with students one on one.

In the Dairswyn, your education is your responsibility and hefty fines are levied against those that do not meet Education Guild Standards. However, if you are responsible with your education one can learn just about any subject they wish.

The process of education is complicated, complex and individualized in the Dairwsyn and there are no simple answers to how it works. All that can be done is what can be done to foster the individualism and personality of those that seek to further their education.

Below are a list of only a few of the Major Educational Institutions of the City of the Ammingrad

Arcanica Guild Approved Magical Education and Training

  • Penelope Crispin’s University of Magic At the University, also included are the Caretakers, a group of highly trained, well-educated fey who are nearly anonymous and have devoted themselves (like monks) to the protection of magical education, who assist students with school issues, personal balance, and coping with transitions of all kinds. The Caretakers are also responsible for the location and recruitment of new and incoming students. (WIP)
  • Woadhall Academy of Arcane Arts The most ancient and prestigious Woadhall Academy of Arcane Arts is one of the top five institutions for magical training in the entire city of Ammingrad. Established by three of the most powerful magi of the Governor Age, Woadhall has always held a air of prestige and excellence in its long history. Located in the 4th Ward of the City, Woadhall today is home to some of the best and brightest in the city. While not as prestigious or as well funded as the PC University of Magic (Woadhall’s main rival) , Woadhall still boasts several famous Alumni including Trubadour Van Claude, the head Weather Master and Keeve Tassadil, current head of the Arcanica Guild’s research department department. The Academy itself is a sprawling five block complex in Grandcaster of the 4th Ward that boasts some of the most advanced and exciting curriculums to date. Each of our courses of study has been reviewed and approved by the Guild of Education, so you can rest assured that you will be learning only the best from our certified teachers! Past Alumni have gone on to work for all departments of the Arcanica Guild, high appointments in the Warden’s Hand and Eye Divisions, The Weather Guild, the Guardians and even private business.
  • Overfade School of Higher Arcane Learning
  • Hollyhollow College of Magic
  • While not the best of magical collages in the Dairswyn, Hollyhollow is perhaps the best school of the Undercity of Amminheim.

Martial Guild Approved Magical Education and Training

  • Ivythorne Martial Academy
  • Turnwright Martial Academy
  • Borewald Military Tactical Institute

Mechanica Guild Approved Magical Education and Training

  • Fusspotter Mechanical and Technical Institute
  • Hammersmyth School of Mechanica
  • Ardeo Master Mechanist Program

General Secondary Education

  • Firebird Academy of Higher Learning
  • Stonedoor College of General Education
  • Jonsmyth Educational and Practical Institute