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Year 4813 (nine years after Curiosities)

Janni socialite and bally good fellow Percivius “Percy” Wooshire has found himself in a bit of a pickle. He’s engaged to be wed to the beautiful, competent, and rather oofy Lady Astrid Swent, the Greensmaster and head gardener to the Seelie in the First Ward, but dash it all – he’s started to fall in love with her, too. Fortunately, perhaps, Lady Astrid is simply agog – it’s the day after their engagement party, and her Seal, the stamp which the Dair himself bestowed on her in order to acquisition any and all necessary materials for her gardening work, is utterly and unavoidably MISSING! As fate would have it, Embrilar Ardeo of the Hand & Eye and his wife Fenelle Yewen are houseguests at Lady Astrid’s, and Percy’s gentleman’s gentleman, the Fairy valet Tearworth, are ready to take the case. Oh, what a rummy situation!

Players: James, Pranks, Mel, Justin

GM: Drew