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What is Glimpses?

Warda: Glimpses is an anthology of ‘short stories’ – one-shot adventures highlighting new and interesting tales of Ammingrad starring new players and new characters each week. The action of these Glimpses spans the ten years between Curiosities and Winds of Change.

Dramatis Personae

This is a collection of the Dramatis Personae having appeared in the game “Warda: Glimpses”… in order of appearance.

  • Sandir Chundhali
    Naiadi martial expert, heir to the Chundhali School of Staves; undefeated in combat; the Best/Most Handsome/Kindest Man in the World
  • Iggly Twitchwiggler III
    A gentleGobbin of great renown, maker of deals, plentiful resources in the most unlikely of places
  • Grettie Buschelcroft
    Brownie spelunker and den mother of the Junior Mab Scouts Troupe #4521
  • Felix Draem
    A son of Fairy high house Draem; a Sogger (magic-dampening special ops)
  • A scraggly sewer Gobbin
  • A large gathering of low-caste sewer Gobbins
  • Whot
    A small bedraggled sewer Gobbin urchin
  • various Spiderwillow thugs
  • Tom
    A Spiderwillow thug
  • Moira Kelvane
    An Ifriti female working for Spiderwillow; Quillathe’s kidnapper
  • Quillathe Sareine
    A Naiadi debutante; only daughter of House Sareine
  • Wilmax
    A Sylvani male; Sogger team leader (was also being held captive by Spiderwillow thugs)
  • Alva Goldfinch
    A Fairy milliner, dealer of secrets, unexpected ally
  • Derech Cirrendakar
    A Janni Warden Inquisitive; jaunty black sheep of their family
  • Jasper Scourche
    An Ifriti ghost-hunter; disgraced former conductor of the National Orchestra
  • Damery Coal
    An Ifriti musical savant; erstwhile ghost-hunter and assistant to Jasper Scourche
  • Margible
    A Fairy butler to Mr. Appleton
  • Filigree Goldenrod
    A Sylvani; co-orchard owner with Mr. Appleton
  • Kingsward Appleton
    A Sylvani; orchard owner in Pembroke, Westhill, 10th Ward
  • A Fairy ticket-taker at Pembroke Station
  • Bart
    A human trolley driver for Appleton Orchards
  • Timry Appleton
    A young Sylvani boy, son of Kingsward
  • Mary
    The human foreman of Appleton Orchards
  • Vera Jiblin
    A Fairy; head of the kitchen staff at Appleton Orchards
  • John Corrington
    A human huntsman for Appleton Orchards
  • Edmorn Drimm
    An Ifriti Arcanica Agent
  • various Wardens
  • Leto Alexander Three
    A human; the elder brother of Bardo; runs Championship Shipping Co.
  • Bardo Oswald Three
    A human; the younger brother of Leto; foreman of Championship Shipping; prize fighter
  • Bob
    Human fruit stand owner near Championship Shipping
  • Pankie Hurst
    A young human; secretary to Leto Three
  • Shmendleson
    A human worker at Championship Shipping
  • Stinky Mike
    A human worker at Championship Shipping; known for his cheap beer/bad cigarette breath
  • Abaigh Lawson
    A halfgene Janni; 7 years old; illegitimate daughter of Leto Three and Afric Lawson
  • Little Rudy
    A rogue Pixie; friend of Bardo
  • Yenry Grenville
    A middle-aged human man; head of the Transportation Guild
  • Herb Pinecone
    A human worker at Championship Shipping
  • Holly Hombe
    A human worker at Championship Shipping
  • Cheryl Cactus
    A dire goat belonging to Championship Shipping
  • Afric Lawson
    A Janni; works as a seamstress, lives a lower-middle class life in a nice area of Darklane; former flame of Leto
  • Twidgey Crudge
    A Gobbin; ringmaster at The Pit
  • Tybble the Fight’n Titan
    A Fairy; fighter at The Pit
  • Rodolfo
    A Pixie; a bookie working for Leto
  • A Brownie, Tybble’s agent
  • Various Arcanica Guild agents working at the Filtration Station #107
  • Percivius “Percy” Wooshire A Janni socialite; man about town; nephew of Irine Fleet; public nuisance
  • Tierworth An extremely competent Fairy gentleman’s gentleman
  • Astrid Swent A Sylvani; Greenmaster of the Landscapers Collective
  • Embrilar Ardeo A halfgene Ifriti; son of Luminessa Ardeo; Chieft of Division #11
  • Fenelle Yewen A Sylvani; wife of Embrilar; old school chum of Astrid
  • Purity A Pixie employed by Percy
  • Decency A Pixie employed by Percy
  • Rectitude A Pixie employed by Percy
  • Omai An aging Fairy butler employed by Astrid
  • Constance A Sylvani Greenskeeper (gardener) at Astrid’s estate
  • A human deliveryman
  • Margerie An Ifriti; owns a courier service; ‘friend’ of Percy
  • Burke Mornchip A Fairy groom/footman at Astrid’s estate
  • Harrington A Naiaidi servant at Astrid’s estate
  • Damen An aging Ifriti; former head of Astrid’s security